Hello world!

Hello World is the title of my very first blog post.  The nice people at word press gave me that as a suggestion, and I’m going with it.  Sounds good and looks good!  So here goes…

After a particularly yuck day that involved way too many carbs, baby tears, and loads of laundry, I got myself in the car to go to the gym after about 7 days away.  The Mr. is always encouraging about this as he knows I can get a little crazy without a good work-out at least every other day.  I had a throbbing headache, and I felt the throb after each rep on the weight machines.  Super miserable!  And partially my fault as I’m sure I once again did not drink enough water.  I managed to push through my weights routine.  On the way to the EFX, I grabbed a copy of Self magazine that was in the locker room to read while I worked up a sweat.

Lo and behold, there was lots of motivating quotes from female Olympic athletes in that thing!  Self listed each athletes sport and then asked them to complete the sentence.  Example:  “When I swim, I feel ____.”  Well, I saw one completed by Shalane Flanagan (Olympic marathon runner), and it said “When I run, I feel at peace.”  This really spoke to me as well as the one completed by Natalie Coughlin (Olympic swimmer) “When I swim, I feel at home.”  This is so true as well!  When I walk into the gym, I feel like I’m at home (This could be that I’ve been going to the same beat-up gym for about 5 years now!).  I see the same people day after day.  I don’t necessarily chat them up, but I find it encouraging to see them and to know that they seem me.  We are trying each day to get a little more fit, a little more healthy.  When I run, I also feel at home.  I feel a little interconnectedness to the rest of the plant ( you know…horses run, dogs run, even squirrels run).  I sort of feel like this is what my body was made to do.  I really don’t think it was made to fold laundry, ick!  I’m going to *try* and remember this when I grumble about a work-out or want to put it off.  The feeling in the end is worth any struggle that it is to start.

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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