We got to get out of here…

Since the beginning of my week had been a bit rocky getting little H back on his lovely routine, I decided we needed a day out of the house.  This also prevents me from being able to clean it!  First off, we went to First Landing State Park.


This is the most versatile park that I have ever been to!  There is beach access (Chesapeake Bay ~ minimal waves, great for babes and pups), and there are numerous running/biking trails too.  We have been going there since we moved to Virginia Beach in 2007.  An annual pass is only about 35 bucks, I think.  The park also has a boat ramp and a little known secret beach (Shh!  It’s off 64th street.  Very secluded, small strip of beach.  It only a very short walk from the parking lot to the sandy area which is especially handy if you have a babe plus all the babe gear.).  Roscoe, Holdie, and I went for about a 40 minute walk on the Cape Henry Trail which is nice and wide, but you do have to beware cyclists.  P.S.  Thank you to the man who very loudly said “On your right!” when I was daydreaming.  Definitely prevented a collision with a dog and a baby!

Then, we were off to Heritage Natural Market (http://www.heritagenaturalmarket.com/).  This place is awesome!  I had a gift card for 20 bucks from my very thoughtful son (aka the Mr. did a good job!) for my 1st Mama’s Day.  Definitely spent that plus about 13 dollars more.  I could have seriously spent a 1000 bucks in about 15 minutes there though.  So many cool products and yummy foods!  I did notice that the rice cereal we are feeding Holdie (Earth’s Best Organic Brown Rice Cereal ~ geez that is a long name!) is about double the price of Wal-Mart.  So buyer beware (Just a little though because I really do love that store).  Here’s a pic of the goodies minus my cranberry tuna salad wrap which I promptly consumed once we got home.


The almond butter was amazing!  Good thing I got a little trial packet, or I would have made myself sick on it!  So yum!  I also had this delicious water with my wrap…


We finished off our fun-filled day with a trip to Babies R Us (baby proofing needs to have ASAP) and Wal-Mart (and let’s be honest no pics necessary of that experience).  Just a final picture to show you how little man is growing and will make good use of the new baby proofing gear…


Have a great weekend!  We are spending ours with family and working in a park picnic!

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