Work-Out Schedule

I thought I would share how my work-outs usually go.  I am a gym-goer about 3x a week.  I try to be in and out in about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

 Walking with Mommy & Roscoe While Pregnant

I always start off with strength training (weights and such).  I know many people work one or two major muscle groups a day.  For example, one day would be just legs followed by another day of just arms.  I kind of mush everything together.  My strength training routine is broken down into 2 gym days.

Day 1:  Chest and Back, Glutes, Abs, Leg Extension, Leg Curl + 30 min. cardio (running, elliptical)

Day 2:  Arms (Biceps and Triceps), Glutes, Abs, Squats (of varying types), Lunges + 30 min. cardio (running, elliptical)

Then, I start the cycle again with Day 1.  Typically, I go to the gym on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, but being flexible is an important part of being consistent.  So I try to just make sure I don’t go longer than 3 days away from the gym unless I’m out of town.  Side note:  I’m super bummed about Onelife getting rid of the hip abductor and hip adductor machines, as I used to work those in my routine as well.  I miss old, run-down Ballys!

On my non-gym days, I typically take the dog for a walk (not that he doesn’t get walks on gym days!) and do a yoga dvd in my living room.  I only recently started practicing yoga when I was pregnant.  I have 3 dvds that I alternate between…

This is a good dvd, but it does have a slow pace.  The poses are pretty easy, and it is definitely a beginner’s dvd (as it says!).

Okay, I know this is crazy, but many years ago McD’s gave out fitness dvds with their salads.  I have the yoga and the strength.  They are both excellent 15 min. quick work-outs!  I think they may even be for sale now on Amazon or Ebay.  Not a bad investment at all.  There is an avatar-like trainer with a soothing voice who will get you through the fifteen minutes with no problems.  They even have adjustable levels “Ease me into it” or “I’m up for a challenge” or something to that effect.  Can’t say enough about these little freebies!

Okay, this one is tricky!  I found out that I really am not a yogi quite yet after trying to do this dvd at the beginning of my 2nd trimester.  I read a review on recommending this dvd.  Well, let me tell you that I huffed and puffed through this routine.  In retrospect, I probably had no business even TRYING it while pregnant.  Somehow, I managed to get through it and tried to do it at least once a week while pregnant.  I continue to use it all the time now.  I just follow the poses for the first trimester ladies.  It’s nice that it also has 3 versions (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes).  15 is my typical go-to yoga one, but I do like the 30 minutes one as well.  I have yet to summon up the courage for the 45 minutes.  Plus (let’s be honest), I’m kind of over yoga after 30 minutes.  The poses go much quicker on this dvd and everything “flows.”  I think Vinyasa is my fave type of yoga, but I might need to try it out a bit more.

That’s my staying fit routine!  I am by no means close to any type of expert on yoga or strength training.  Just sharing what I know works for my body.  I realize I definitely need to shake it up a bit and am looking forward to expanding my fitness experiences this fall and winter.

4 thoughts on “Work-Out Schedule

  1. Natalie, are you doing machines? Free weights? Ive been doing strictly free weights/bar, jusr curious what exercises youre doing, might give me some variety:)

    • I do machines to save time. I like using free weights and try to use those for lunges, plie squats, and incorporate into my ab exercises. I am usually in a flying hurry at the gym, so I primarily use machines. I feel like I can go faster on those. In an ideal world, I’d like to use more free weights. I’m planning on breaking down my work-outs this coming week (by machine, exact exercise, etc.). Please check back in. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks like you have a nice fitness routine! I go to a gym to strength train as well, but I’m horrible about using DVD’s. I have a couple, but I can never seem to stick with them. I’m much better at being consistent if I need to leave the house to workout. But I wish I would–because I’ve seen so many fun-looking DVD’s out recently!

    • I know what you mean! I find that the 15 minute short work-out DVDs are best. Then, I can tell myself…”Oh, it’s only 15 minutes!” I have heard good things about Tracy Anderson DVDs. I’m thinking about giving them a try and posting a review of sorts about one of them.

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