Over the mountains and through the woods…

We went over the mountains and through the woods (via Interstate 64) to Staunton, Virginia this weekend.  The Mr. has family there, and we try to get out there about twice a year if not more.  The last time we headed out that way we stopped at a rest area and saw families picnicking.  We were super jealous since we had no such yummy food and ended up at a McD’s with not-so-fabulous meals.  So we planned to picnic at a city park in Staunton this trip.  We left bright and early and only a little later than the original time.  Four hours and one pit stop later…


we arrived in Staunton!  We headed over to Gypsy Hill Park.  This is such a nice park!  Beautifully maintained with plenty of kid-friendly playgrounds, pool, duck pond, and even a train to ride!  There were also lots of adults relaxing and computing/studying/reading and just enjoying the outdoors.

First, we rode the train.



Then, we had a delicious picnic while Holdie played/discovered grass.


Chicken Salad on Ciabatta, Mixed Greens with Homemade Balsamic Dressing, and Terra Vegetable Chips

(not pictured are the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies that we inhaled…)


Lastly, we fed the ducks/geese.  The geese were slightly aggressive!  Roscoe stuck his nose too close and got nipped, and one of them definitely was eyeing Holden’s big toe!  We had to adjust and move our babies back.



We finished off our day with visits to the Mr.’s grandma, sister, and sister’s boyfriend.  No pictures of that since I misplaced my camera took a break and relaxed!  Ha!  Don’t you just love visiting family!?!?  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  Can’t believe we are on the tail end of August already!  Did anyone do any fun summertime activities this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Over the mountains and through the woods…

  1. What a great family weekend you had! I had time to get through a bunch of culinary experiments this weekend! Some with friends on Friday, a nice dinner with my husband on Saturday, and some random stuff yesterday afternoon (in an effort to meal prep for the week). It was fun!

    • Oh, I’m jealous! That’s the thing about visiting over the weekend. I’m so tired by the time we get home that I don’t get my grocery shopping/meal prep done. It’s sort of hard for me to get back on track on Mondays when we travel. But worth it to see everyone!

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