Abs to Zales and Everything in Between

While looking around at various blogs, I noticed that a lot of people were doing simple pleasures or getting to know me  A to Z lists.  Well, I’m jumping on the bandwagon.  Here we go…

A-Ab workouts.  I love them!  Call me crazy (my sister does!), but I love a good ab workout routine.  My abdomen did amazing stretching to make room for and carry my little one for 9 months.  Then, it kind of/sort of returned back to its original spot.  It’s a work in progress right now, but I love it for what it can do.  


B-Banana.  My favorite fruit since birth just about.  To top it off, it is also Holden’s fave too!  He’s just starting on solids and absolutely loves bananas.  



C-Christmas.  Everyone who knows me knows I start the Christmas music the day before Thanksgiving.  The tree is up immediately after T-giving.  Christmas cards are practically a science, and I love listening to Bing Crosby croon the original Christmasy songs.  I always play “Santa” and distribute gifts (in a creepily organized fashion) at my parents’ house.  After all, my name does mean “Christmas Gift.”


D-Dark Chocolate.  I love it.  Can’t get enough of it.  In fact, I consumed way too much today and gave myself a stomach ache which is very unfortunate when you’ve got a baby who is on the move and has no patience for your pain!  Fave flavors are dark chocolate with dried cranberries and dark chocolate with ginger.  Mmmmmm good!


E-Extra time in the Morning.  I never seem to have enough time in the morning.  I just want to sit around for a bit, and then get a move on!  Muumuu is just icing on the cake.




F-Frozen Yougurt.  My favorite spot is Skinny Dip.   A must visit if your in the Hampton Roads area.  I will not accept substitutions!


G-Gum for the gym.  I have to have peppermint or spearmint gum for the gym.  Don’t ask me why, but I find it motivating!  LIke, that’s the symbol for “get your butt in gear!”


H-Hammock.  I’ve had my hammock since my senior year of high school.  Jake and his mama did a combo graduation gift and bought it for me along with a great stand.  



Roscoe and Holdie are fans too!


I-Internet.  I love to check out various factoids on the internet.  We have a desktop for that very reason that I wouldn’t be able to stop if it wasn’t stuck in the back guest room.


J-Jake.  Of course, the Mr. ❤


K-Kebabs.  I love them but admit I make them way too much.  I’ve recently converted my dad over to the kebab grilling dark side.


L-Library books.  Virginia Beach has wonderful libraries!  I get most of my books from there.


M-Massages.  I love getting massage deals off Groupon, so I feel less guilty about indulging.


N-Necklace the Mr. gave me on our wedding day.  It has my name, his name, and the year.  


O-Oatmeal.  I eat this almost everyday.  It’s cheap, healthy and versatile.  Gotta love it.


P-Picnics.  At the beach, in a park, in my mother-in-law’s side yard…I will picnic anywhere!


Q-Quick grocery store trips without a baby.  You moms know what I mean!


R-Roscoe.  My sweet love! 




S-Seashells.  I love to collect them, collect pictures of them, just love them!  


T-Tub time.  Bath tubs are the bomb!  The Mr. can tell how my day has gone.  Quick shower=everything is A-OK.  Tub time=Not a fab day!  Tub time with Wine=Look out!


U-Unique restaurants that try different ingredients, food combinations.  We went to STOVE for our 2 year celebration and loved it!


V-View from the Beach.  I love to watch the Mr. and Holdie swimming.




W-Wedding Band.  I find myself touching my wedding band/engagement ring constantly throughout the day.  The symbolism of those rings is amazing.  I dreamed of marrying my husband way back in 2001 after we had been dating for about a year.  Things changed so much between then and now but not the thing that counts…love.  Sappy love!  

X-I’ve got no faves for this!  I absolutely hate the dentist and X reminds me of dental X-rays!  😦


Y-Yogurt with oats and fruit.  Overnight Oats:  Put 1c. plain yogurt in 2c. glass contained.  Put a little less than 1/2c. of oats on top.  Then, fill the container full of frozen, mixed berries.  Put in refrig overnight.  Next day, dump in big bowl.  Stir.  Shake a bit of cinnamon and drizzle honey.  Yumminess for sure!


Z-Zales Aquamarine Ring.  The Mr. gave me Holdie’s birthstone on a white gold ring as a present when he was born (I will not say p*sh present, because it brings ick images to mind.  You know what I mean!).  


That’s it!  Me A to Z 

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