Why I bother.

Why commit to a work-out program?  Why try to rustle up a nutritious snack?  Why get up early just to sweat buckets?  Why make dinner (AGAIN) with fresh foods?  Why pay that monthly gym membership?  Why leave your sweet baby for an hour and a half?


Here’s why…

1)  A good work-out has the power to dramatically change my mood and general outlook on life.  The Mayo Clinic stated that exercise is helpful for those who suffer from depression and/or anxiety.  


2)  Healthy food sits better on my stomach than unhealthy foods.  For years, I suffered from stomach cramps, nausea, plus a bunch of other not-so-pleasant stomach conditions.  I would sometimes end up doubled over in pain.  These episodes would last hours (time for the yuck food to digest).  I remember having to leave items in the check-out line at Wal-Mart, because I couldn’t stand upright anymore.  


3)  I feel strong after I eat healthy food and have a good work-out.  Example:  My roommate and I were moving a loveseat into our 3rd floor dorm room.  I had no problem whatsoever lifting and carrying it.  This was the first time that I realized what my exercising had done…created a stronger body to help me go through life’s everyday events.


4)  My weight doesn’t fluctuate too much, so I am able to wear all of my wardrobe whenever I want.  I don’t have skinny day pants or fat day pants.  I just have pants!  This is also good for the wallet since I do not have to purchase a new wardrobe for my weight going up and down.


5)  I love planning and going on adventure vacations.  Kayaking, Snorkeling, Climbing, Parasailing, Mountain Biking, plus all sorts of water sports ~ You can really enjoy these with a strong body!  


6)  I had a relatively “easy” pregnancy and labor/delivery.  Now, I know that some pregnancy and deliveries can be challenging no matter what physical shape you are in.  However, I strongly believe that nutrition and fitness played a role in my personal experience.  I trained for that pregnancy and delivery like I was competing for a medal.  No lie.  I would be running early on in the first trimester, and I would feel a little whinny and like stopping.  I would tell myself “Do you really think you’re going to be able to stop during delivery?”  Little crazy but it worked.  


7)  I work out my arms intensely to prove my gymnastics teacher wrong.  He told my mom (with me standing right there) that I should probably not attend any more classes since I had “spaghetti noodle arms” and really no hope of doing well in the sport.  Now, this is the kicker.  I was like 5 years old!  My arm muscles are the ones that I work extra hard each work-out just to rub it in his face (figuratively of course!).


8)  “Sweat is the fountain of youth.”  -A coworker


9) Healthy foods give me the energy I need to make better choices throughout my day including treating myself and my family in a loving manner.  Don’t tell me that after you eat 2 donuts you feel very at peace and pleased with your life and your choices.  Eat some fruit, yogurt, and drink a tall glass of water.  Feeling better already!


10)  I work-out and eat healthy to do my part to live a long, healthy, active life with the amazing family that I am blessed with.  Can I get an AMEN?!


My loves and Me

4 thoughts on “Why I bother.

  1. It is great to get to know you even better via your blog-Wow was that gymnastics teacher wrong…reminds me to watch those causal comments that can really influence others.
    . What a pleasure it is to see how you have grown and what a joy to have the opportunity to be with you and continue to grow together….I love you. Mommy

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