Healthy Food for the Babe

Solid foods sort of snuck up on me.  Breastfeeding was a challenge, but we finally got the hang of it.  Then, blissful months of mommy confidence ensued.  At the 4 month dr’s appointment, the subject of solid foods was brought to my attention.  It’s not that I forgot it.  I was just enjoying the peaceful process of feeding Holden.  We started with organic brown rice cereal (Earth’s Best brand) at 5 months.  He loved it, hated it, and then loved it again.  We continued that for about 2 weeks.  Now, onto the real food (as real as it can ben when it has the consistency of soup). I had always thought I would make my own food.  So I ordered up a book that Holden’s pediatrician recommended (Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron).  Beware:  Only read this book with a glass of wine and realistic attitude.  This book was scary!  She is one intense, intimidating lady!  However, she is very thorough which I can appreciate and passionate about baby’s nutritional needs.  I was very overwhelmed about the whole process.  The Mr. and I discussed and went back and forth about what we would do.  We decided that moi would make the food on a trial basis (see how it goes especially once I am back to work).  The homemade food would be for home or when baby boy is with us.  We are going to purchase organic baby food jars to send with H to the sitter.  He will just be having lunch with her.  Currently, he is eating breakfast and dinner only.  The process has been pretty simple.  I especially love the avocado and banana since no cooking is involved.  I’ve also made sweet potato and peaches (which have to be cooked for baby’s less-than-6-month tummy).  The Internet also proves to be a good resource for this project.  We’ll see how it goes once I’m back in full swing in the classroom.  I have to say that I’ve tasted it all, and it’s pretty dang good!


Slightly scary but very informative!


Yummy organic peaches


The Ninja getting a work-out!


Organic bananas for the banana lover in H!

2 thoughts on “Healthy Food for the Babe

  1. There is so much good info out there about feeding babies GOOD food! Naomi loves the Gerber Organic pouches of fruit/veggies for on the go, same with the Plum organics brand. They are so good for on the road. I also love to make these: [minus vanilla and dates, sub applesauce for oil]. I freeze them and then micro them for quick snacks/breakfast/whatever. I also worship my Beaba Babycook!!! PS that book looks scary

    • You’re right! I just went with this book based on H’s dr. The cost of premade organic baby food is just such a dramatic difference in cost from the homemade. Thanks for the recipe! I’ll be sure to try it out once H can have a little more variety in his food choices.

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