Day 1 was a bit trickier than I thought…

Well, we survived day 1 of mama back to work!  The morning rush has taken on a new meaning to me!  I got up at 5:00 AM and still didn’t have enough time.  The biggest thing I missed was the leisurely baby play time.  There was no time for chatting, kissing those fat feet, standing up with a little bit of help, and just looking at each other.  Missing that time was what really got me upset.  Then came the tears.  Only a few but they were there.  Then my eye makeup was not.  After soldiering on through the day (after one outfit change for Holdie, a broken hair dryer for me, a grumpy attitude that I gave the Mr., a state of confusion for Roscoe, and a carbonated drink explosion during the first school meeting of the day), I was so ready to get my little man.  Everything went well as I knew it would, but they didn’t follow my feeding and nap schedule…and Holdie smelled like someone else had been giving him kisses.  I was disgusted on my drive home and irrationally mad.  No one can do it like I can do it (or so I tell myself)!   I decided to suck it up, write a detailed letter of ounces per feeding, the schedule we worked on, etc. in my nicest and probably slightly teacher-ish voice.  Hopefully, the sitters won’t hate me.  I’m okay with some eye rolls and sighs.  Maybe they’ll mark it off as new mom syndrome, but I don’t care.  I want my baby to have his day be as close as it can be to the days were spent together.  I think the mom confidence has kicked in a smidge.  🙂  Everything has to be just right for this precious boy…Image



2 thoughts on “Day 1 was a bit trickier than I thought…

  1. oooooooh I can totally relate!! I did the whole teacher voice in writing schedule and stressed the fact that too much straying causes dinner and bedtime feedings to be way off which affect sleep etc. 🙂 It gets easier as they get older – I promise! 🙂 I hope the rest of the week goes smoothly! Tips: Set out clothes for both of you the night before (including his diaper just to make it easy) [i struggle with not liking what I picked out so I went as far as to try on the clothes the night before just to be sure… i’m a loser]… Have your stuff already loaded in the car or right by the door so you only have to grab it & go… make bath time with H extra special since your morning cuddles are cut short… 🙂 Good Luck!

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