Nothing Changes. Everything Changes.

Before I jump into a more serious post, let’s recap the weekend.  We were on the road again this weekend.  We left Friday night for a wedding weekend, but we had a yummy fall-like dinner first.  Chicken with White Wine and Caper Sauce, Steamed Corn (Frozen Steamer Pack), and Paprika-Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  


The potatoes were just about 4 smallish wrinkly white potatoes that we were given from a local farmer on the Eastern Shore.  I cubed them up with skins still on and boiled about 10 minutes-ish.  Then, I poured in some skim milk and a bit of “fake butter” (Country Crock to give it that buttery taste that the Mr. prefers).  I used an actual hand potato masher and mashed them up right in the pot to prevent another dirty dish.  Lastly, I added a sprinkling of paprika, salt, pepper, and garlic powder (really garlic upsets my stomach but not the powdered stuff~ go figure!).  The corn was just steamed in the microwave.  It was the last vegetable-like food we have in the house.  I really hate having a meal without some type of “green” on the plate but oh well!  The chicken was pretty easy as well.  I sprayed the pan, salt and peppered the chicken breasts (2), and cooked over medium heat for about 10 minutes with a flip in the middle.  Then I added in the white wine (to be a little smarter about nutrition you could use vegetable broth or chicken broth) that the Mr. won at a company function.  Since I had it, I decided to splurge and use it as a base for the sauce.  Cook for another 5ish minutes.  Next, I added in two heaping spoonfuls of capers (delicious little salty things that you can find in the ethnic food section or with the olives).  Lots of flavor!  Add more wine to keep that chicken juicy!  I kept the chicken swimming in about a half inch of wine.  Take the chicken out and put a little foil hut on it to keep it warm and juicy.  Cut into it to make sure it’s cooked through.  I turned the heat up to medium high and stirred/sprinkled some whole wheat flour into the wine.  This thickened it up to make a nice sauce that we spooned over top.  All in all this would not be my pick for the most fabulously healthy meal, but I used what I had in the kitchen, avoided spending money on junky fast food, and the Mr. really liked it!  Plus, the chicken is lean protein.  Success!

Well, our weekend started out as planned but certainly fizzled.  I went for a lovely run with Roscoe at 6AM on Saturday…in the rain…with a dog that hates the rain…and a giant Mag flashlight.  It was slightly ridiculous, but I so wanted to try out my new kicks!  I was soaked in rain and probably a bit of sweat when we got back.  The weather went downhill after that with torrential rain and some pretty decent wind.  Here’s a picture of a wooded area with the water ripping through it like you wouldn’t believe!  One road was even completely washed out.


No wedding for us!  I felt so bad for the bride and groom.  So much work goes into planning that big day, but Mother Nature just wasn’t letting Saturday be their day.  We did get to spend some time with the Mr.’s parents and enjoy some delicious Italian yummies like eggplant and manicotti.  I rarely do Italian, so it really hit the spot.  Today, we worked very hard preparing for Holdie’s first day at daycare.  I’m a slight mess, but I know he’ll be fine.  Can’t wait until the afternoon pick-up though!

Now to the serious stuff!  Two sayings come together to title my post today.  I heard these in a song by a group called SOJA.  They are a reggae band with a surprisingly strong message of love for your neighbor and the world at large.  I’m certainly not going to get in a political discussion, but the group does make some interesting points.  I was jamming out on the elliptical at the gym today, and a particular song of theirs came on my iPod, “Everything Changes.”  The song starts off with saying nothing ever changes.  I think that people feel that way sometimes when it comes to fitness and healthy eats.  Do we say “Tomorrow I’ll fix something healthy for breakfast” or “I’m too tired, busy, overworked, etc. to exercise my body?”  Do we feel powerless to make a change?  Do we feel like “Oh well, nothing every changes?”  Do we feel that our health isn’t a priority?  The CDC states that more than a third of adults in the United States are obese.  We are suffering as a nation from heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer due to our weight/lack of physical movement and what we are consuming.  By the end of the song, the lyrics have changed to “everything changes.”  If we don’t like how we feel, everything has to change.  How do we begin a journey like that?  First, don’t become discouraged if we fail at times.  Today, I had cookies for my mid-morning snack (delicious but surely not a nutritionally good choice!) and enough snack pretzels to sink a large ship.  I’m sure a piece of fruit or some greek yogurt would have been better.  I told myself “It’s okay.  I’ll do better.”  I went out and hunted up some fruits, veggies, and whole wheats at the local Kroger and Sam’s, and I’m all set for better days ahead.  It can be tough, but we have to make a choice.  Nothing changes or everything changes.  Start this journey…A journey back to our health…one change at a time.  Here are just a few ideas plus some resources…

1)  Use a water bottle and drink, drink, drink H2O.  If you don’t like water, add a splash of juice.

2)  Stretch for 5 minutes as soon as you get out of bed.  

3)  Start with a nutritious breakfast (eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, etc.).  You’ll be more likely to make better choice all day.  

4)  Double your dog’s walk.  Enjoy the outdoors.  He/she will thank you with licks and goofy dog smiles.

5)  Buy that workout DVD.  It can be any type of workout you like…yoga, dance cardio, whatever!  Just buy it, so you can have a workout ready to go in your living room.  

6)  Make half your dinner plate filled with veggies.

7)  Do something physical everyday even if it’s just 20 jumping jacks during every commercial of your favorite hour-long show.  

8)  Buy some fresh fruit and cut it up or display it on your counter as soon as you get home.  It’ll be ready to go when you need it.

9)  Think of your family and friends.  Remember you want to be healthy and happy for them.  Then, get up and take a walk.  

10)  Buy a healthy magazine and cut out interesting articles, recipes, work-outs and start a healthy living binder.  It can be your go-to resource when you’re needing some encouragement or information.  

Health Magazine

Oxygen Magazine

Fitness Magazine

Cooking Light – Recipe Finder

Women’s Health Magazine


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