Fit, Full, Fun ~ Fall To D0 List

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time to pack away the bathing suits and breezy summer dresses.  I love summer, but I’m really over the warm temps.  I’m ready for a slight, very slight coolness in the air.  I can wan’t to do all those seasonal things that make fall so much fun.  Sometimes, I find that I get so focused on the day to day things to do I forget about the big picture and making sure to have some fun!  

Fall Fun List

decorate a pumpkin

rake leaves and hide from Roscoe in them (hilarious!)

go to the petting zoo and corn maze at Hunt Club Farm

make some healthy apple and pumpkin desserts (going beyond the pie this year!)

nature walks at the park


Walking last fall with Mommy

celebrate Grandparents’ Day for the 1st time

roadtrip to visit a special friend


Here we are with our pumpkins last Halloween!

decorate the house for fall

make homemade apple cider

What do you look forward to doing each fall?  New things to try?

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