Laboring on Labor Day Weekend

Hi lovely people!  It always amazes me what can be squeezed into a 72 hour period.  Even more amazing is what can be squeezed into a holiday weekend.  I started off Friday with the final day of the teacher work week.  I got everything accomplished that I needed to and felt good about the first day.  Next, I jetted off to gym for a quick pre-weekend work-out.  I knew that it would be a busy one with little time to squeeze in some sweat time.  Then, I had to pack up dog, baby, and me for our weekend plans.  Saturday morning found us playing and chewing on furniture at grandma’s house…


Yum! Wood!

Auntie D and Holden’s other grandma so graciously picked us up to journey up the Shore to visit with more family.  Auntie D shared her chic shades…


This is my serious look!

My mom and brother’s birthdays were both on September 2nd.  I made a chocolate cake with 3 delicious layers and strawberry filling .  I found it on pinterest, of course!  Follow me why don’t you?!?! It was nearly a disaster as my parents’ beagle angled her head up on the table and proceeded to eat about 1/3 of 1 layer.  We salvaged it by trimming off that side and adding Keebler Elf cookies to the layer for structural support!  It actually worked pretty well.  It has a very sweet taste but was actually pretty easy to make.  My brother is very very committed to strawberry jelly, so I thought this cake would be perfect.


Bad, Bad Lucy Lewis


Elves save the day!


Happy 21st to my baby brother! Hard to believe!


Interior Shot of the Elves


Cake by Me & Pie by Auntie D ~ Both delish!

In conclusion, it was quite a busy weekend!  Monday was certainly no day of rest with grocery shopping and baby food making until the wee hours of about 10 or so (which is late, late, late night for me!).  Celebrating and spending time with family is always fun though.  Especially when I get to spend time with the youngest member…


Slightly blurry action shot but the happy baby was there for sure!

6 thoughts on “Laboring on Labor Day Weekend

    • It’s going well! I’m definitely missing being at home with Holden though. I always thought I would eagerly return to work after baby. So not the case! Hopefully, I’ll adjust more and more each day. So thankful I’m a teacher with not too terrible working hours!

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