Keeping That Energy Up!

Well, the school year is finally going now.  I’m sort-of adjusting to the new schedule.  One important issue is energy.  With all the nighttime prepping for H’s daycare time and my work time, I’m usually getting to bed later than I would like.  I decided to really sit down and think about ways to keep my energy levels high.  I figure the more energy I have the more work I can get done!  This means more time to spend at home with the sweet baby.  

Energize Me!

1)  Packing plenty of food for the day – I always make sure to take enough snacks, lunch, and water bottles for a full day of work.  Starting off without the fuel I’ll need always leads to hunger, poor eating choices, and low energy.

2)  Black Coffee! – This is so important on those early morning.  I set my coffee pot the night before, so I’m ready to go in the morning.  I like to add either cinnamon or a shake of pumpkin pie spice mix and about 3-4 tablespoons of skim milk (heated in the microwave).

3)  Snacks! – I eat breakfast around 6 AM, and my next snack is 9-9:30.  I usually eat this while walking around the classroom, so it needs to be something easy (ex.  raisins, almonds, banana, etc.).  Lunch is at 11:20.  Last snack at work is usually about 2 PM.  This might me something a little more substantial especially on work-out days (ex.  greek yogurt with fruit, low sugar granola bar, frosted mini wheats for a kick of sweetness, homemade trail mix).  

4)  H2O – This is something I have a hard time with, but I know it is super important.  I fill up two water bottles for each work day about 25 to 20 fluid ounces in each.  My goal is to finish by the time I get home.  I tend to drink more from lunch on, but I know it’s best to be sipping all day.

5)  Recharging During the Day – Take a few minutes to relax and focus your mind on something besides work.  This could be as simple as stopping to talk for five minutes with a friendly coworker or setting a timer on your phone to read a magazine article or chapter of a book for 5 to 10 minutes.  I know some people even work their devotional time into the lunch hour (if you’re lucky enough to have that much time!).

6)  Rising and Resting at the Same Time – I get up pretty early.  4:45 AM to be extremely, brutally exact.  However, this really helps me get everything accomplished in the morning that I need to.  My body has adjusted to this time, and I don’t wake up feeling as groggy as I did at first.  I think it really helps to keep your internal clock on a schedule.  No need to rise as ridiculously early as me, just keep your body on a routine even if that is rising much later.  You just get to stay up later!  🙂

7)  Sunshine! –  This is big.  I always feel better if I can catch a little sun during the middle part of the day or early afternoon.  Fortunately, I do get to go outside with students for recess sometimes.  I can really tell that it makes a difference in my afternoon energy levels.  

8)  Peppermint – Gum, tea, Burt’s Bees, lotion – Anything with peppermint oil works wonders for those moments when you want to hide under your desk and nap.  I love the gum personally.  

9)  Deep Breaths and Stretch – A few deep, intentional breaths and about 2 minutes of light stretching can really get the blood flowing through that sleepy body.

10)  Think of Your Family – This always does the trick for me!  When I’m tired and want to just take a break for longer than I should, I think of my little family and how I can’t wait to see them.  Then, I think “if I finish this or that task up, I can move on to the next thing.  I’ll be home in no time!”  


What’s your trick for keeping up your energy at home and/or at work?

9 thoughts on “Keeping That Energy Up!

  1. Like you said Natalie, staying hydrated and cramming in those healthy snack times between classes. My favorite healthy snacks include Kashi Autumn Wheat Cereal, blueberries, Sargento Thin Sliced 40 calorie slices, and Greek yogurt.

  2. I love this post b/c I could have written the same list!!! Us teachers must have the same survival tactics. I get up at 4:00 am to work out, shower and be out the door by 6:30 am. I eat three times before “lunch” at 11:15. I’m starving for dinner by 5:00. Bed by 8:30. it’s so different then during the summer (and from our other friends). But we’re getting into the groove now–but it certainly takes some preparation to keep the energy going! 🙂

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