Pizza for One

I love pizza!  Who doesn’t?  However, the prepackaged kind from the grocery store hurts my stomach (the Mr. would chime in now with “What doesn’t hurt your stomach?!?!?”  Basically, my stomach is a bit problematic at times.  To enjoy one of my favorite foods, I often do homemade pizza.  I usually but the whole wheat premade crust from the store and toppings (cheese, olives, mushrooms, spinach) and make my own sauce.  I recently tried this bread called Naan.  I believe it is an Indian baked flat bread.  They come in perfect little personal pizza sizes.  Unfortunately, there were only two in the pack.  This would be a little pricey for more than two people.  With a big garden salad topped with nuts or a few strips of grilled chicken breast, this could be a really filling meal.  I always make my own sauce using canned diced tomatoes, salt, pepper, rosemary, a bit of sage and thyme (just a little sprinkle), and for a little bit of head crushed red pepper flakes.  I don’t really measure anything out, but it’s best to put less than you think.  Once I mixed up my sauce, I assembled the pizzas and baked right on the oven rack.  These were delish and also nice to have it pre-portioned out (no eating 6 slices!).  I liked the slightly thicker “crust” of the Naan.  I found it in the bakery section of my local Kroger.  Try it out!  Here are some pictures of our pizza night…










ready to eat!


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