6 hours away

This past weekend my sister and I planned a birthday day trip for my mommy to Williamsburg Winery.  I’m definitely not a wine-o (here’s the official definition for that term since I had to double check it!), but we thought it would be fun and very Real Housewives-ish of us.  The Mr. graciously agreed to watch the bambino and why not?  He’s the cutest, sweetest thing around!  🙂


Mr. in Charge

Our day trip included lunch at the tavern, a tour of the wine making facilities, and a tasting of 7 varieties.  Lunch was good.  I got a basic turkey sandwich with smoked gouda and a mixed green salad.  The extraordinary part of this lunch was the dressing, very mustardy.  It really hit the spot.  Included in our lunch was our sandwich, salad, a glass of wine of our choosing, and a fresh baked cookie (of course I went with the chocolate chip).  I picked a chardonnay for my lunch and enjoyed it.  



Quiet, peaceful


Grapes Galore!


The tour was very informative, and our guide had the sarcastic humor that only some people can appreciate.  Fortunately, my sister, mom, and I can and were giving him the laughs some of the others in our group were not.  


Fermentation in Progress


We finished off our time there with a few tastings and then headed off for some tea/coffee on our way home.  It was perfectly relaxing and exactly what I needed after a hectic week back at work.  All in all, I was only away from Holdie for six hours.  It felt so long!  By the time we were sipping our hot beverages, I was dying to get home!  It’s funny how much I felt chained to him and maybe even a little resentful when he was first born that I was the one he was really dependent on (compounded by my choice to breastfeed).  Now, I can’t bear to be away from him for too long.  The work day seems long, and I find myself finding ways to go faster, get more done in less time to get home to him.  I love him.  🙂

By the way, the Mr. did a fantastic job and even managed to vacuum the house while we were gone.  What a keeper, huh!??!!?

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