How do you fill your hours?

This summer I read a very though-provoking book called 168 Hours:  You Have More Time Than You Think.  It focused on how we Americans claim we are overworked and too busy to enjoy our lives.  Then, the author give you some overwhelming interesting research data.  It’s a little tricky to speed read through which is what I tried to do while Holdie napped.  I have to say that I found it very inspiring though.  It made me think about my talents and how I accomplish what needs to get done and what I just plain want to do in a day.  The case studies are inspiring, especially the first one in the book about a female construction company owner.  They hooked me from the beginning and kept me reading.  


Although the book is geared towards those thinking about making a career change (which I had never even considered prior to this book!), it has good info and ideas for any person hoping to live a full, engaged life.  Don’t expect tips or tricks.  The author really asks you to do the homework, figure out what makes you tick, and what you value.  She leaves the ball in your court and gently prods you to figure out what to do with it.  After reading it, I was inspired to start this blog and let go of some preconceived notions about what I “should be doing” or “should excel at.”  I think it’s actually one of those books that would be good to read once a year as a sort-of self-evaluation process to make sure your precious time on this planet are being used in a manner that you can look back on and feel satisfaction and contentment.  


An important lesson that I learned about myself after reading this book is that sometimes I forgot how important my job of mommy is.  I was letting expectations pushed on me by others and myself get in the way of just being present in the moment and giving Holdie my full attention.  Now, I’m not saying that I should have been at his beck and call every day, all day.  However, I realized that I would be stressing over getting my clothes folded, washing my car, cleaning, and everyone knows the time suck that can be facebook, twitter, pinterest….  Why wasn’t I stressing about getting to read a book with Holden or watching him interact with his toys and mirror?  What a wake-up call!  I’ve tried to mend my ways even though the clothes not being folded and the slight layer of dust on half our house (yeah, I was dusting and had to give up half-way through!) causes my eye to start twitching.  Now, I’m rushing home in the afternoon to blow kisses on feet, rock and rock in the chair, let Holdie bite on books read books, practice petting the doggie, and take walks together.  I’m filling my hours and my heart with time with sweet baby boy. 


How do you fill your hours?  Do you find yourself spending hours on things that don’t represent you or your passions?  How do you want to change?

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