Something to Keep You Fit, Something to Keep You Full

First things First!  I had good intentions of posting on Thursday evening.  However, our dog baby, Roscoe, decided to act in a crazy manner which led to an emergency vet visit which led to a crazy Thursday evening.  As it turns out, he was completely fine!  Apparently, he doesn’t like his dog food anymore and is sharing his feelings with (like by puking and refusing to eat).  He seriously had a bunch of tests, and he’s totally fine!  Not that I’m not happy about this but jeez!  150 buckaroos later we somehow make it through another work day to the weekend!  Hallelujah!  We celebrated appropriately with an hour and a half ped visit with Holdie and subjected him to a bunch of shots.  Fabulous, huh?



Cuddling up with Daddy Prior to the Main Event!

By the way, how about the fact that most of the well child waiting room was males with kids?  At one point, I was the only adult female in a group of about 6 parents.  Way to go dads for stepping up and letting the mamas get some work/fun done wherever they were!  Holden being the slightly over-loved (we’ll say that instead of spoiled!) had mama and daddy to make faces at and spit on.  We sure know how to celebrate on a Friday afternoon!


As stated, I wanted to share something to keep you fit.  I try to fit my cardio in when I can.  Case in point, squeezing in a run while Jake is home and Holdie is sleeping.  This can be tricky at times when I’m alone with Holdie.  I certainly can’t leave him with the fur baby.  Although Roscoe cares deeply about Holdie, he has no thumbs, so therefore he can’t be a good sitter (diapers and such would give him trouble!).


Morning Chill Time

I have to resort to other means to get my heart rate up.  I’m not much for jump ropes…too much coordination required.  We don’t own a treadmill or any other type of cardio equipment.  I do 2 minute intervals of plyometrics/cardio moves.  I do 2 minutes of butt kicks, 2 minutes of squat and punch (much like it sounds do a squat hold and punch alternately with fists), 2 minutes of pretend jump roping (lame I know, but so much easier for me to just pretend!), 2 minutes of high knees, 2 minutes of jumping jacks.  Then, I repeat sequence (without breaks) for a total of 20 minutes of cardio.  Presto!  Cardio done!  All while babe is sleeping or watching his mom act like a crazy woman!


Now, time to be full!  Thursday night we had chicken soft tacos, and this was a 2 ingredient main dish.  The night before I put frozen chicken breasts along with enough salsa to cover the chicken into the crock-pot.  I put the pot in the fridge overnight and slung that thing onto its stand Thursday morning.  Hit the low button, and I was out the door!  I came home to a delicious smell and dinner!  I fished the chicken breasts out of the salsa/chicken mix and shredded.  Then, we made our tacos (chicken, some of the salsa, plain Chobani greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and mixed lettuce greens).  It would also be super yummy to added chives or avocado slices.  I was just short on time (see vet visit drama above!) and made do.  I liked it.  The Mr. liked.  Best of all, the crock-pot did the cooking for us!  I would post pics, but the drama of the evening took over!  It was all gone by the time I though about it.  Crock-pot meals can be so good, and they are so easy!  I finished off the night with some delicious mint tea which I’m sadly out of right now.  Off to the store in the morning!  You can clearly see the back of the fridge and the food cabinets.  Very sad!


Yummy deliciousness!


Do you have any easy 1 dish meals or small number of ingredients that are healthy?  Share, share!

4 thoughts on “Something to Keep You Fit, Something to Keep You Full

  1. I did a similar crockpot idea last week, and will be posting about it soon. But I just used a broth instead . . . so the shredded chicken could be used in whatever flavored dish I wanted (we made a bunch on purpose, to have leftovers). So easy! I really should use my crockpot more! 🙂

  2. So glad your pup is OK! Love the crockpot idea…we love that it’s finally starting to feel like fall and are psyched to start making all of the yummy cold-weather recipes we’ve been collecting! Hope you’re having a great Monday so far.


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