Hi-ho, Hi-ho…It’s food shopping I go!

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I feel like I’m gathering up some food constantly!  I typically do one big haul every 2 weeks with a quick trip in between.  Before having the babe in tow, it was actually kind of fun. Now, it’s still fun while I’m in there picking up various goodies, but the loading and unloading the car with baby gear and foodie items is exhausting!  I know it’s all worth it when I have the stuff I need to make a home-cooked and usually delicious (though not always!) meals for the Mr. and I.  My list of stores consists of:  Sam’s, Wal-Mart (or Food Lion or Kroger depending on time and location), Trader Joe’s (organic produce for H), and sometimes Fresh Market (weirdy organic produce that I can’t find elsewhere).  In the summer, I might have included the farmer’s market.  With the school year in full swing, there is no way I’m adding another stop unfortunately.  Here’s my go-to list:



-mixed organic salad greens (Sam’s has a ton for a good price!)

-onions (red, yellow, white)

-sweet potatoes

-brown rice

-canned, diced tomatoes

-whole wheat pasta

-shredded cheese, sliced cheese (different varieties of course!), and a “fun” cheese (some fresh and delightful looking!)

-organic skim milk

-some type of not horribly bad for you cereal for the Mr.

-baby oatmeal and brown rice cereal

-chicken stock, big one


-Peanut Butter!!!! (or almond butter)

-raisins and prunes

-whatever organic produce I need for H’s baby food

-seltzer water

-huge jug of cranberry juice from Sams!

-chicken breasts


-pork chops

-some type of light fish (frozen flounder, tilapia, etc.)

-fresh herbs (usually cilantro~CHEAP!, basil, rosemary)

-eggs (I splurge and get the fancy ones.  You know, grain-fed, no hormones, basically the happy chickens!)

-Chobani plain greek yogurt

-frozen fruit to mix in my yogurt

-dijon mustard for flavoring

-pumpkin to use in all sorts of fall recipes (canned)

-bag of chocolate morsels

That’s certainly not it!  Just a few staples.  What do you get in your cart?  Do you do quick trips frequently or bulk buying?  Lucky me!  This week is just a quick trip.  I’m off with my little shopping buddy to load up.  Happy Friday!





4 thoughts on “Hi-ho, Hi-ho…It’s food shopping I go!

  1. On the phone with your sister We love the hoodie Food always looks good, too. I like everything on your list but do not know about tofu You need to promote this form of protein Kiss the hoodie guy for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • I should cook it for you sometime! I did my best yet with it recently, but of course, didn’t write down the recipe! Jake even enjoyed! I’m going to try to give H some in the upcoming month.

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