I believe…

I believe in celebrating each and every holiday with decorations and special yummy treats.  


I believe in being honest about where I am in life including my failures.


I believe in snacking (healthy!) twice a day and a bit of dessert each night.


I believe in the power of “I’m sorry.”


I believe in listening to Christmas music straight from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day.


I believe in exercise as a form of mental health therapy.


I believe that two people can change and grow together all while remaining in love.


I believe in letting the dog kiss/lick all over the baby.


I believe in the importance of morning kisses for all husbands, babies, and dogs before leaving the house.


I believe in God.


I believe in chocolate being a daily part of my diet.


I believe in outside time every day.


I believe in the power of food to affect how we feel, look, and perform in life.


I believe that North Face jackets are the best buy ever!


I believe in thrift store shopping and mall avoidance.


I believe that black coffee and oatmeal is the breakfast of champions!


I believe in early morning runs.


I believe in  the power of Elnet hairspray, lipstick on occasion, and my knock-off Clarisonic-like brush by Olay.


I believe in family.


I believe in the importance of dating your spouse.


I believe that naps and I are not meant to be together.


I believe in the power of H’s smile to brighten just about anyone’s day.


I believe that sad dog faces are more painful than dental work.


I believe rainy days are a perfect invitation to dig out comfy clothes and snuggle up with your loves.


I believe in having an adult drink because I like the way it tastes, not to get drunk.


I believe in avoiding politics talk at dinner or any other food times (Can you say indigestion!?!?)


I believe in cool fall days and warm spring days.


I believe that a clean, organized house makes everyone feel better instantly.


I believe in love and limits with kids.


I believe…

What do you believe in?


One thought on “I believe…

  1. I believe in the power of Love because with it comes such an unbelievable opportunty to be part of something so much bigger than self.

    I believe in the power of prayer and in the need to always be open and ready for whatever the day may bring.

    I remember a Vacation Bible School project, a small plate that we painted that simply stated, “God is Love”. I could not really understand the beauty of those words as a child but I think of how wonderful it is to live long enough to begin to get a little bit of understanding of God’s grace and mercy to everyone, including me!

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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