We’re going to the farm!

Well, this weekend we made the trip slightly south to Hunt Club Farm.  I had been there in the past for a dog obedience class (Roscoe did not graduate.  Definitely a drop out due to emotional distress!) and the haunted hayride/events.  We were there for the G/PG version of the petting farm today.  I was very impressed by this place!  Potato sack slides, Ferris wheel, bounce houses, tons of animals, music, hula hooping contests!  This was were all the cool kids go on Saturdays in the fall.  We lucked out and had great weather though a tad warm for October. Holden loved it!  So many kids to look at and animals to grab and pull pet! Plus, there’s fresh produce, a hayride, tons of pumpkins, cornstalks, and treats.   

Feeding the goats with daddy…


In the hen house, checking out the turkey


More goat petting…
Proving his strength…

What would a weekend be without a bit of fitness for me too?  I have to admit that my yoga time has really gone from 2 to 3 times weekly to almost nonexistent.  I am a person who has to have some type of “work” in my work outs.  I have to sweat or really feel like I’m pushing.  Yoga was a hard sell with me from the get-go.  I didn’t feel like I was truly getting a work out in.  I now know that and can say that it is. I’m more flexible than I have ever been in my whole life.  I love doing yoga and find it so peaceful.  But…if I’ve got to pick between cardio/strength training and yoga time, I’ll pick the first each and every time.  So I’ve been making myself get my runs in and my lifting in.  This is not an option.  It’s more of a mental health thing than even a physical health thing.  This is how I feel afterwards… 

Looking a hot mess but feeling great!
Loving my new Brooks! I feel springy!

How are you fitting in your fitness?  Any fun fall activities?  

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