Perk up, buttercup!

Sunshine finally came back to warm up these parts today.  A balmy 61 degrees was listed on my car thermometer on the way home in my car with the slightly cracked windows.  It’s so easy to get the late winter/early spring cabin fever blues.  I know some people who swear by sun lamps first thing in the morning, melatonin at night, tanning beds, and even cruises or vacations to warm locales.  I admit that after the vicious stomach virus this past weekend, the deluge of rain off and on, and the general chill in the air that I was feeling kind of glum.  Here are my tricks to help speed up spring or at least that springy, happy mood..

  1. Actually doing my hair and constructing some sort of hairstyle that does not resemble an old-school school teacher bun
  2. Fruit with breakfast really brightens me up even if it is frozen and then defrosted for my first meal of the day
  3. No more black, grays, or dark jewel tones – bring on the pastel colors in my daily dressing!

    peach and lace for Casual for a Cure Wednesday at school

  4. Flowers in the house even if it’s just a daffodil – I make no bones about it.  I can’t grown things, and I don’t want to grow things.  I’m currently growing a baby up into a little boy and that’s about all I can handle.  Honestly, he’s just an excuse.  I don’t care  about growing things.  If it’s ivy or another extremely hardy plant, that’s fine.  I’ll look at it and maybe pick it if pretty.  However, I will not weed, water, or plant unless the Mr. makes me.  So there!  That’s my rant.  🙂
  5. Special treats – seasonal desserts like jelly beans (I’ve currently gone through a bag this week.  Oops…, a delicious bakery chocolate chip cookie, Tazo tea, new seasonal decor (just purchased an adorable metal bunny for the entryway table from Target!)
  6. Outdoors time – walks, park time, just sitting in a sunny spot
  7. Lighter food like tonights recipe – 

Chopped Salad for 2

1 cooked chicken breast

1/2 red onion cooked just until soft in olive oil

bag of microwave edamame

1/3 c. parmesan cheese

1/3 c. mixed blend shredded Italian cheese

salt, pepper, dried rosemary and thyme leaves, red pepper flakes

dijon mustard

olive oil 

1/2 cup diced baby carrots

bag of lettuce

  1. Cut up chicken into bite-sized pieces while microwaving edamame.
  2. Cook onion and then mix with chicken.
  3. Pop edamame out of pods into the bowl they go!
  4. Add cheese, carrots, and a good bit of all spices to taste plus about 2 tablespoons of dijon and about 2 tbsp of olive oil.  
  5. Stir and let sit about 30 min in fridge.  Serve on top of bed of lettuce greens.  I also served with a piece of toast (lightly buttered with just a sprinkle of garlic powder).  

All in all there are many tricks to try to keep your spirits up.  It definitely seemed easier today with some help from Mr. Sun.  Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to perk up?  March is on its way, coming in like a lion and going out like a lamp.  Hopefully, it will be more “lamb days” coming our way.  

Comparing Ourselves…

Like any “responsible parent,” I do more than my fair share of measuring up my little one’s growth and development.  As we approach the twelve month mark, I think it goes a tad into overdrive with the epic milestone of walking.  Holden has been crawling for quite some time.  He progressed from army crawling to rapid fire all fours.  I remember saying at Christmas “Oh, he’ll for sure be walking all around by January/February.  Well, we are definitely in the final days of February.  He’s crawling as fast as lightning still, cruising while holding onto the furniture, and pushing himself up with his arms (just not to standing).  No walking yet…  


And I can’t help but compare.  Compare to what my expectations were.  Compare to what websites say, books quote, bloggers write about their little precious dears walking at nine months and such.  I know I shouldn’t, but yet I do.  When, oh when, will he walk!?!?!  Why is this causing such upheaval?!?!?  After a few shed tears and hand wringing, the man of the house thankfully took over and “looked it up” to develop a “game plan.”  What Jake concluded is…Holden appears to be a typically developing baby.  He’s not sprinting from room to room, but he’s doing all the things that babes should do to prepare for some serious movement in the months to come.  And I need to face facts.  

  • Fact One:  I’m hyper.
  • Fact Two:  I’m anxious.
  • Fact Three:  I’m quick to overanalyze and judge our sweet boy.
  • Fact Four:  I’m too busy measuring his performance instead of savoring each moment.  
  • Fact Five:  I feel guilty about being a working mom and project those feelings on Holden (Am I doing enough?  Reading enough?  Playing enough?  Giving him enough?).  
  • Fact Six:  I find it very hard to live in the moment and not worry over tomorrow. 

With knowledge come acceptance and change?  We’ll see.  I like to think me knowing these things about myself at least helps me make better choices in the future.  Tomorrow, I’m not going to worry about Holden (except for how his current antibiotic is taking care of this ear infection!!!).  I’m going to trust and enjoy.  



Cleaning out Mama’s purse

Where I’ve been…

Well, long time no writey! I think my last post was about October last year. About that time, I got really overwhelmed with life in general and being a working mom/wife in particular. I don’t know if it was the upcoming holidays or just general anxiety that led to tunnel vision. Perhaps it was a good thing I took a little break from blogging (even though I was enjoying it). The November/December time is crazy, and it’s hard to squeeze all the fun, seasonal activities and traditions in when you’re busily crafting up a witty blog post for whomever might stop on by to read.

I know that we seem to have made it almost through the worst season of the year, winter. After a lot of thinking about blogging, social media, and my time. This thought led me to delete – deactivate more or less since facebook is like the mafia and you’re never truly out! – my facebook account and instagram. The instagram was reinstated after this weekend’s bout of insanely miserable flu. You gotta have something to do when you lie in bed for a 24 hour period more or less. Lots of perusing amongst other blogs, led me to the conclusion that blogging can be and should be fun! I decided to write again. This time I’m going to approach it more as fun for me and less scholarly. For example, I’m not a trained nutritionist, chef, or personal trainer. The only training I have is as a sister, daughter, wife, mother, teacher, gym-goer, sporadic runner, dog owner, short-order cook, and extremely easy crafter. My blog should be mine and about me, what I know. I’m going to use this blog to collect memories, catalog ideas, and throw in some cute pictures. Then, I’ll share them up. So what we’ve been up to is…


Swinging with DaDa

natalie l._31

Family Portraits at Assateague Island

natalie L._Sep152012_4290

My favorite!


Pulling up!


Happy Halloween from the Leatherburys!


Checking out all the treats for the big kids…


Not impressed by St. Nick


Merry Christmas!


Tissue paper is where it’s at!


Target after Christmas shopping…a trooper the whole time!


Staunton trip


Watching and waving to DaDa as he fixes the busted pipe in our yard = saving $$$!


My 3 Favorites


Happy Valentine’s Day from Holden and Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?

22 days until Spring!