Where I’ve been…

Well, long time no writey! I think my last post was about October last year. About that time, I got really overwhelmed with life in general and being a working mom/wife in particular. I don’t know if it was the upcoming holidays or just general anxiety that led to tunnel vision. Perhaps it was a good thing I took a little break from blogging (even though I was enjoying it). The November/December time is crazy, and it’s hard to squeeze all the fun, seasonal activities and traditions in when you’re busily crafting up a witty blog post for whomever might stop on by to read.

I know that we seem to have made it almost through the worst season of the year, winter. After a lot of thinking about blogging, social media, and my time. This thought led me to delete – deactivate more or less since facebook is like the mafia and you’re never truly out! – my facebook account and instagram. The instagram was reinstated after this weekend’s bout of insanely miserable flu. You gotta have something to do when you lie in bed for a 24 hour period more or less. Lots of perusing amongst other blogs, led me to the conclusion that blogging can be and should be fun! I decided to write again. This time I’m going to approach it more as fun for me and less scholarly. For example, I’m not a trained nutritionist, chef, or personal trainer. The only training I have is as a sister, daughter, wife, mother, teacher, gym-goer, sporadic runner, dog owner, short-order cook, and extremely easy crafter. My blog should be mine and about me, what I know. I’m going to use this blog to collect memories, catalog ideas, and throw in some cute pictures. Then, I’ll share them up. So what we’ve been up to is…


Swinging with DaDa

natalie l._31

Family Portraits at Assateague Island

natalie L._Sep152012_4290

My favorite!


Pulling up!


Happy Halloween from the Leatherburys!


Checking out all the treats for the big kids…


Not impressed by St. Nick


Merry Christmas!


Tissue paper is where it’s at!


Target after Christmas shopping…a trooper the whole time!


Staunton trip


Watching and waving to DaDa as he fixes the busted pipe in our yard = saving $$$!


My 3 Favorites


Happy Valentine’s Day from Holden and Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?

22 days until Spring!


3 thoughts on “Where I’ve been…

  1. I enjoy reading your blog;welcome back! Hope everyone is feeling better in The Leatherbury household. Holden is as cute as ever and growing, growing, growing!

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