Jelly Beans, Easter Eggs, and Traditions…

Well, spring break is officially 3 weeks and 4 school days away.  As my principal shared at our faculty meeting today, March feels like we’re marching, marching, marching somewhere??  I know for me it is a time of anticipation.  Anticipating warmer weather, longer days, Easter fun, pastels and painted toenails (yes, mine are creepily bare right now).  Things we have going on in March to keep us busy include a certain baby boy’s birthday on March 7th, a fun family birthday party to follow, St. Patrick’s meal/beer tasting at casa de Leatherburys (oh the things I plan and then later think to tell the Mr.), plus a zoo trip that MUST happen since I have a groupon that goes out at the end of the month, and lots of fun Easter traditions to start this year with Holden.  

I think what I’m most confused about this March is this wording…



Why on Earth are these called jelly bird eggs?!?!?  What happened to good old-fashioned jelly beans?!?!  I’m eating large amounts of them just to make sure they really taste like jelly beans!  😉

Next on the list of weird is all the Easter egg dye!  While killing time at Target waiting on a Rx for Holden (again!), I was checking out the egg dye.  Looking for a totally plain egg dye kit that did not exist.  All I could find involved adding fuzzy, stickers, glitters, designs, etc.  Craziness!  I just want plain eggs which apparently can be done with food coloring?


One of the super-charged egg dye kits!

Is it just me or is simplicity out the window sometimes?  I admit that it is sometimes my fault with the over-complicating of life.  I googled right up “how to dye Easter eggs” and got a lovely little how-to from, of course, Real Simple mag.  And it looks…real simple to do!  Here it is.    Then, we can’t forget about hot cross buns for Good Friday.  I’ve tried these before, and they turned out not so hot.  Not the same recipe, but honestly anything that requires yeast or punching/rising intimidates the heck out of me.  Panera’s version may be the best bet!


Sweet delicious with adorable little sugary crosses

All these seemingly mundane things boil down to traditions.  Food is not just something to stuff our faces with or satisfy our energy demands.  Decor is just not something else to dust around.  Traditions are what make us human and what makes life special.  I’m not talking a particular style (like tradition v. modern, bohemian v. preppy).  I’m talking about the little things you do to make life more special for you and your family.  It may be as simple as planting a few bulbs around the front door (not me ha!) or serving pancakes with sprinkles every Saturday morning.  Maybe you like to write little message on your kitchen chalkboard/dry erase board to countdown to some special event.  Perhaps you mark special days candles at dinner.  Whatever you do makes life more meaningful.  I think about this even more now that I have Holden.  Every day is new to him.  I have the opportunity to show him life and how to live it at every turn.  I want him to know me as a mom who celebrated and was thankful for whatever she had.  A tradition that I want to pass on.  On this topic, Barbara Curtis from wrote…

“We needed traditions.

Traditions – especially those children can see, hear, feel, smell and taste – provide vivid impressions on which parents can build year after year.”  

She continued on to list several fun and important Easter traditions to incorporate into your family life.  Barbara passed away recently, but she shared so much through her website.  You should really check her out.  

What traditions do you have?  Any special spring ones?


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