Happy One Year in the World and Random Updates/Thoughts…

Richard Holden Leatherbury is officially a one year old big boy now!  Looking back to how I was feeling last year this time, it kind of makes me want to cry for my old self or at least take myself out for a coffee/adult beverage!  I’ve learned so much this past year, and I know he will continue to be my biggest teacher.  Some important lessons that Mr. Leatherbury has provided include (but are certainly not limited to)…


1.  I am by far second fiddle in the everyday logistics of life.  No longer do I have oodles of time to peruse the internet at leisure or plan complicated lessons that require lots of prep work at school.  Me and my interests still remain, but they are far outweighed by the basic needs of food, clean diapers, and getting everyone on a consistent sleep schedule.  Man cannot live by bread along…sleep is right up there!

2.  I am much more capable than I give myself credit for.  Capable of figuring out this crazy first year that includes breastfeeding, playing with an itty bitty bambino that can mostly just stare, maintaining and growing a relationship with the Mr., juggling work and family life, carving out time to work out and cook/eat healthy, and accepting that I can’t control every.last.thing.

3.  I’m more patient than I realized.  This is self-explanatory.  Not that I haven’t had my moments for sure.  5 time-outs during dinner is normal, right?

4.  Poopy baby clothes should be dealt with immediately with the help of old Mr. OxyClean!

5.  Sam’s diapers work just fine for baby’s behind.  I had cloth diaper dreams, but they lead into the next lesson…

6.  Sometimes good enough is just good enough.  I wanted to be a “green” mommy who focused on doing things naturally.  Well, the birth was natural.  Breastfeeding was natural.  I made my own baby food until H was about 9 months from mostly organic produce.  Then, there comes a time when you realize you have 59, 874,127 things to do before you go to bed to then start all over the next day.  Therefore, you do what you can do.  

7.  Prioritize!  My priorities from my ideals include healthy foods (organic or not), sleep/wake schedule, breastfeeding, and books daily.  I had to let go my totally organic dreams, cloth diapers, sleeping in the room for months (last like 3 nights then off to big boy crib you go you little noisy sleeper!), and all wooden/stimulating/educational toys.  He really prefers the curling iron or a water bottle these days!

8.  The Mr. is my biggest supporter and ally in this parenting racket.  He has by far been supportive of my decisions even when I try to phrase them as “our” decisions.  He has encouraged me, kept the baby for me to hit the gym as soon as I was cleared to do so (or maybe a little early for mental health reasons!), gotten up and given bottles in the middle of the night when the little stinker wouldn’t nurse early on, and basically kept me from thinking of myself as a frumpy mommy.  This was especially key in those early months when I was actually a very emotional frumpy mommy.  I love him for many reasons, but the father and husband he has become is right up there!

9.  Do what you can, when you can!  I’m not a person to nap, so I get busy when Holden naps.  As in busy with whatever is on my mind/to-do list, I organize, research, and even sometimes sneak in a little Instagram and facebooking.  Got to take advantage of the time when you can.  

10.  Boys smiling are the best!  Be they dogs, men, or little bambinos.  


Playing with balloons birthday morning…


Riding in his wagon…


Curling iron fun…

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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