A Slight Case of SAD and Why I HIIT To Fix It!


Who says we don’t look alike?!?!?

This snowy weather we are having is really causing this spring and summer loving gal to struggle with some mild seasonal affective disorder.

The cold makes me want to curl up with carbs which is definitely not a good thing for me or the box of Cheerios that are supposed to be H’s!  Today, I definitely ended up munching a few handfuls but check myself before completing wrecking myself.  I made a little slightly sweet hot chocolate (3/4 cup milk, sprinkle of cinnamon, tablespoon of honey, and hefty shake of cocoa powder).  I put that on to simmer while jumping in the shower and taking a hot, hot, hot one.  This alone time was provided by Holden’s nap which typically ends about 4.  Therefore, I resisted the mom guilt drove straight home from work to get to business aka warming up my freezing self!  I’m well aware that a good work-out is also the ticket to warm up, but I did quite a number on myself yesterday with a 20 MINUTE work-out.


I’ve always been one to hold myself to 30 min. moderate cardio and 30 min. weight lifting at the gym.  It must be at the gym.  Since Baby H arrived, I have been more flexible with the location but still the cardio/weight requirements remain the same.  Well, I got tied up at an interesting work meeting yesterday which could potentially REALLY shake up my J.O.B. for next year in a mostly good way.  But nonetheless I missed out going to the gym due to H’s nap time crunch.  I got home and had about 25 minutes to do something, so high intensity interval training here we go!  I did minute increments of different cardio activities.  I did high knees, butt kickers, jumping jacks, squatting punches, hop/pop squats, pseudo-jump rope, and twist and shout (literally hopping around twisting my hips looking quite a bit like a first grader I’m sure).  Well after back to back 1 minute activities (which I realize is not exactly HIIT), I was soaked in sweat, sore, and ready to quit!  That brings up to today.  I am sore.  Let me say that again.  I am sore.  Who knew this would be such a good work-out?!?!?!  I know I’ve read numerous good things about it, but my 30 minute gym-going head wouldn’t let me believe it!  If you’re ever in need of a good, quick and dirty work-out, google it on up.  It is intense for sure, but seriously…20 minutes and done is pretty amazing!  A soreness!  I’m impressed.  Not a convert but I won’t hesitate to use it again when I get pushed for time.  Today was not that day.  Today was a day for long-johns, hot beverages, and baby cuddles.  Happy sort-of Spring!


Plowing a bit


Long johns yes!





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