Easter Goals…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Easter traditions.  As with many things, it is much easier to talk ( and pin on pinterest.com) than to actually do!  We started off our Easter celebration with Shrove Tuesday pancakes which was appreciated by all especially boys who like fun breakfasts.  Then, I attended my first Ash Wednesday service (and got my forehead ash).  My thing to give up for Lent was chocolate.  Well, that proved to be a bit of a failure.  I did really well for about a week and a half.  Then, Holden got a mild case of the stomach flu, and the Mr. and I got a BIG case of it.  After coming out the illness fog, I stumbled into the kitchen and inhaled a KitKat bar which technically was Jake’s Valentine’s present.  I thought that getting over the worse stomach illness I’ve had since 2nd grade was reason enough to steal his chocolate and break my Lenten sacrifice.  So…Lent sacrificing was a fail.  Easter egg dying was not!  Small victories I guess.










Jake was the head project manager in this operation, but I did make sure to tell him that next year H would be the go-to guy.  We also added a little copper-ish bunny to the Easter decor along with my sparkly pink egg door decoration.  Holdie and I have read the Easter story book that I got him last year.  He sat pretty still for it yesterday.  Little did I know that he was cooking up an ear infection that will be traveling off to the doctor’s to deal with tomorrow.  He doesn’t look to sick, does he?


drooly baby boy

A new recent development are the weekend fun breakfast-es around these parts.  We are so rushed during the work week that it’s really nice to sit down for a yummy breakfast on the weekends.  Selections have been pancakes, french toast, berry french toast casserole, and hot cross buns.  I did the buns this Palm Sunday morning following the idiot proof recipe from here. I’m not a baker by nature, so these require no punching of the dough or active yeast or other scary baking terms.  They turned out to be quite delish and will definitely make another appearance.  





filled with yummy raisins and cinnamon and the ever popular honey!

I do confess that I’m most excited about the actual Easter weekend.  Holdie is going to have his first Easter egg hunts at my parents.  Due to swimming lessons and our sometimes gypsy lifestyle of weekend travel, we’ve missed out on a real egg hunt.  There is also an Easter basket to fill with treats, new duds, and a special surprise for another “good egg” I know.  

Life is sweet.  Happy Sunday!

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