Pausing to Savor












Well, Easter has come and gone, and spring break is well on its way to winding down.  I tried to hit the pause button in my mind several times over the past week or so.  We’ve grown up in many ways with new shoes sizes, new holiday traditions, and new skills learned every day.  We’ve also said good-bye to a few things…breastfeeding being one of them.  This was actually a lot smoother than I thought.  That’s not to say I didn’t nearly lose my mind (again!) about three times.  Thank goodness the Mr. remains a rock for me and understands when my hormones make me say crazy things and act like I’m on a emotional roller coaster.  Whew!  Glad that’s behind me.  The last time I did breastfeed him I hit that mental pause button and tried to remember exactly what it felt like and what he looked like.  Storing up these memories for my mind and my heart to have when I’m eighty-five, and he’s having a hard time picturing me taking care of him.  What sweetness in that face and those eyes looking up at me.  A perfect mix of the Mr. and I.  Jake’s colors and my expressions.  It’s a little eerie seeing  yourself looking up at yourself.  I feel it in my heart now that I hadn’t for so long.  He’s mine.  Call me crazy, and I know I had him over a year ago.  It’s this spring when it finally clicked.  As I see him develop into a person not just a generic baby (sorry all babes are a bit alike, seen one seen them all to an extent), I see a little piece of me.  To experience the world with the slightly me slightly Jake creature means a new chance to watch the waves and discover ladybugs as the coolest thing ever.  What a gift.  


On a lighter Easter recap note, we had tons of fun playing with our little one and creating many spring memories and traditions.  Our fun started out with a egg hunt hosted at Moochie and Poppy’s house.  My mom actually wrapped puffs and placed them as a “treat” in each little egg.  So precious!  H was pretty good about keeping up the pace until he figured out that the eggs had a little more to them than first thought!  He loved it, and we certainly did too!


Dada showing the good stuff to H


Tromping around the yard with a little help from his wagon.

Although I was a little hyper about H’s “late” walking, I’ve really cooled off about it.  I’m savoring this stage of crawl – walk – fall into Mama’s waiting arms.  I know pretty soon he’ll be running every which way and that may or may not be into my arms.  



Next on our weekend agenda was celebrating Jesus, family, and bunny ears.  We even managed to sneak in some sunshine time on the warmest (by far!) day of spring break.  


Sweet little one at church on Dada’s lap


with Aunt D looking like the cutest Easter bunny ever!


dining al fresco under Roscoe’s watchful gaze

I can hardly believe how fast time flies!  It seems like just yesterday I was prepping his very first Easter basket and learning fast what it means to be a mama to a little baby boy.  


Look at that teeny tiny baby!

How time does fly when you’re having fun.



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