H and I had a fun little outing today to Beach Garden Park down at the oceanfront.  This was brought on by arm pain for me (he’s a heavy thing to tote around) and sheer whininess for him.  Fresh air was necessary STAT!  We pretended not to have cold (and he had a runny one!) noses and climbed all over at the playground area.  We tried out their swings and practiced walking all over the equipment with the ominous sign “5 years and up.”  Then, we bounded off to Panera to use the not one but two Panera gift cards I had in my wallet.  Well, eating out is challenging when you can tag team H.  When it is just me, it gets really interesting.  I always have a slight moment of panic when I enter the restaurant.  As I plodded on up to the register to place my order during their busiest time of the day I might add (12:30 PM!), the very nice man offered to bring my food out to me and also get me the beverage of my choice.  Score!  I thought this might be doable after all.  Then, I notice there isn’t one. seat. available.  ANYWHERE.  Slight panic setting in.  I realize that this is not life and death, but I was oh so excited about my lunch out amongst other folk plus the not-having-to-wash-a-dish concept was so enticing.  I lugged said baby, wooden high chair, diaper bag, and purse around that restaurant about 3 times.  I had to loudly ask other women to move out of my way.  Clearly, I had a wide load.  The kind of crazy thing is no one really offered to help.  I’m thinking-didn’t these women have bambinos of their own a little while ago?  Are they thinking it would be weird to offer assistance to someone they don’t know.  Just then, a sort-of hippie looking man came up offered his table to me and helped me get set up with H.  He was all finished eating and just sort of hanging out.  I really appreciated it. A LOT.  I know myself how nice it can be to just hang at Panera for a bit, digest, and people watch.  He put himself out for me and for H.  I actually got a little teary eyed after he left.  He has know idea how much it meant for him to just be kind and offer a little bit of help.  It probably didn’t impact his day besides a slight blip.  Me, however, it allowed me to enjoy a treat, spend time with H while we could both relax, and most importantly it reminded me of how much a small act of kindness can do for someone.  It was me this time.  SKD-show kindness daily.  

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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