Sleep, Seasons, and Santa

Last night, I found myself tossing and turning quite a bit.  First, I was itchy.  Then, I was too hot…no maybe too cold.  Maybe it was the Mr.’s fault (he was tossing quite a bit himself!).  I just had a plain-old sleepless night.  After giving in and moving to the sofa with my shadow aka the dog, I finally fell asleep.  Not being able to turn my brain off has always bothered me.  I want to jump right into bed, power down, and snooze.  However, I am not a machine, and I don’t have a power button.  This whole resting process requires a little more effort, but perhaps putting the effort into relaxing/resting is a good thing…


After perusing the internet at the bright and early time of 5:00 AM, I made a list of common tips. 

  1. Use the bedroom only for sleep (no reading, working on paperwork, watching TV, etc.
  2. Move the clock away from you and even turn it around so you can’t see the time.
  3. Drink chamomile tea or warm milk with honey about an hour and a half before bed.
  4. Limiting screen time (computer, TV, smartphone) about 2 hours prior to bed.  ***I’m going to try for 1.***
  5. No protein before bed as this can take longer to digest and make laying down uncomfortable. 
  6. Deep breathing
  7. Doing squats or some other leg exercises before bed to divert blood flow from the brain (if you’re doing lots of thinking/worrying).  This is interesting, and I’m going to try it out.  Not sure about the scientific basis for this. 
  8. Warm shower or bath before bed


I’ve also done the impossible today and had absolutely no coffee.  Just a cup of regular Lipton’s hot tea with honey and milk.  I’m hoping all these tips and tricks will ensure a more restful night. 


On another note, my mind is so on the holidays!  Maybe this is why I’m not sleeping.  Although I do love summer and being “off” from my day job of teaching, there is just something so exciting about the fall months and all the fun activities.  We’re planning to really embrace the season, and I’m so looking forward to Holden getting to experience every new little thing this year.  He’s already got his rake (from Dollar Tree for… you guessed it, $1!) ready for the yearly leaf explosion that happens in our yard.  I plan on doing a fall fun list in the next week or so, but what I really wanted to share was the Secret Santa family plan.  Last year, both the Mr.’s side and my side of our families each a Secret Santa Christmas.  I distributed the form and ask everyone to fill out and then return to me.  Then, I place forms in envelopes that were each individual’s name was written on the outside of.  After taking a quick peek to make sure no one had himself/herself, I passed out the envelopes.  Each person was in charge of just buying Christmas gifts for the one person.  The total amount to spend was $150 with a mixed list of low, medium, and high ticket items.  It went really well, and everyone seemed to enjoy it (with the exception of some menfolk’s complaints).  Happily, we are ALL on board to do it again this year.   Here is the basic outline of last year’s, and I plan to tweak it just a little bit this year. 



We are playing “Secret Santa” this year for Christmas.  You will be buying gifts for the person who completed this form.  The amount to spend is $150.  Your santa might get you a big ticket item or perhaps a combination of mid-range and cheapies.  That’s the surprise! Remember, it is a big secret!  DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHO YOU WILL BE GIFTING THIS CHRISTMAS!  No packages can be seen/delivered until Christmas Eve/Christmas Day depending on when gifts will be opened.  No names can go on the packages.  It is your job to present your person with their gifts.  This way we can avoid anyone making guesses about who their “Santa” is and what he/she may have gotten them.  Do a good job for your person!  Remember you’re Santa!  😉  Feel free to use the back if need be.



Big Ticket Items (100 to 150 dollars)





Middle Range Fun-ness (25-99 dollars)




Cheapies but Goodies (25 dollars or less)



The form is given out in September for everybody to have ample time to prepare their wish list.  Forms collected and then redistributed out for the Secret Santa to get to shopping around Halloween/beginning of November.  Then, presto!  Christmas shopping is done.  We can relax, decorate, bake, do whatever makes this season so special to you!




Are you getting excited about the changing of the seasons?


Any special plans?

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