School Days

Today signals the beginning of the school year for me with a full day planned working on paperwork and other such fun stuff at school.  Even though our work week doesn’t officially begin until Monday, I’m off for some organizational to-dos today and Thursday, and H is off to daycare.  I’ve found myself getting really overwhelmed these past few days at the thought of being back at work and back at the whole working mommy-thing. I know that we’ll get into a rhythm after the first few weeks/month, but I dread that time where I’ll be learning so many new things and using all my energy at school.  It’s definitely hard to balance that energy out and remember to save some for a sweet, active boy named Holden.  We’ve had so much fun this summer.  Way more than last year when we were smack dab in the middle of babyhood.  This pretodder/toddler state is so much more fun and way way more busy!  We’ve had lots of fun at the library…


Beach trips have been *almost* weekly since July…




We’ve had fun cooking together…




And just hanging out at home…



Although it is with a somewhat heavy heart I start this school year, I’m ever so thankful to have a job that I enjoy and doesn’t require a ridiculous work week of 50+ hours like some moms.  My goals for this school year include:

  1. Leaving the house by 6:45 ~ No excuses!  I hate having to rush in the morning, but I hate it more getting to work right before kids arrive and having to rush around there.
  2. Smiling more at work. 🙂
  3. Sticking to my Tues/Thurs after work gym schedule as much as possible
  4. Remember that each child I work with is someone’s whole life and treat them as kindly as I would want my little one treated.
  5. Relax!


“Stay committed to your decisions; but stay flexible in your approach.”

–Tony Robbins



Running View Yesterday

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