Boy Scouts & Meals

I was never a boy scout obviously.  The Mr. wasn’t either.  However, I’ve really tried to adopt their motto, be prepared.  I looked this up to be sure I wasn’t misquoting it and found all sorts of good stuff like their oath, law, slogan, and outdoor code.  Click here to see.  What wonderful advice for everyone!  Everyone who knows me knows I’m a planner.  I love to map out meals, work-outs, chores, etc.  When I’m anxious about the things I need to do, I love to get all in a frenzy and curl up with my planner and lay it all out.  My planners read like a serious diary of my life from year to year.  The preparation area that I find to be most helpful is food/meal planning.  I try to map out my meals over the weekend, make a grocery list buying only things I’ll need for the week, and shop!  I jot it all down on my handy dandy menu board seen here.  I made this myself, but I do regret not leaving a spot for Saturday and Sunday.  I typically cook every night of the week if we are not traveling.  

The hard part of meal prep is actually prepping all of the food the night before.  I could get away with doing it during H’s nap time in the summer, but no more!  Last night, I prepped some diced eggplant with paprika, garlic powder (this is tolerable to my stomach and the Mr’s versus real garlic…go figure!), salt & pep., onion powder, and ground thyme.  


Then, I blended up some salmon cakes with misc. herbs but definitely including some fresh rosemary (which is my most favorite herb in the whole world!!!) in the Ninja.  I use canned salmon, and (this is gross) there are lots of bones in it.  I pick out the biggest ones.  Then, I blend the rest to ensure the bones are all mush.  And we eat them…yuck to think about but tasty to eat.  I’ll have to be careful and never let H see this process.  


I also pack my lunch and fix my breakfast if I can the night before.



Although it isn’t always possible to fix lunch the night before, it does make for an easy morning.  Here are some of my overnight oats.  I pretty much wing it with oats, water, fruit, and greek yogurt.  Here are 19 overnight oats recipes.   


Happy Thursday aka 1 day until Friday!  🙂



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