Last sweet days of summer…

This past weekend was the last blissful one of the summer.  I was back at school this morning and not completely, head-over-heels loving it due to Holdie coming down with a little virus.  I so wanted to snuggle him up and rest at home with him, but I was off to school while the Mr. stayed home.  I have to say that we did have a bang-up good weekend until the fever entered the picture.






We saw all H’s grandparents.  I always feel like we scored big when we manage to spend at least a little time with all.  We enjoyed checking out some new spots in Pocomoke City, Maryland.  Those spots included the Cypress Park right down by the river and also the Chesapeake Dairy Farm for fresh, homemade ice cream.  Holden also made two new friends who he proceeded to run all over the place with.  It was one of the moments when I tried to pause and take a mental picture.  Trying to soak in every detail including the weather, the feeling I had, and everything I could see and hear.  I want to tuck it away for years to come.  We finished up our weekend with steamed crabs (H is NOT a fan), family talking time, church, and the Mr.’s most favorite meal in all the land…chicken and dumplin’s by my mommy.  I don’t even try to figure out how she does it.  One attempt was made by the Mr. that we don’t speak of it due to the scary and not-so-delicious outcome.  All in all a truly fabulous weekend.  Oh summer…we’ll miss you so!  

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