Thankful Thursday

Although I’m thankful for so many people, experiences, and actual things, one of the people that I’m most thankful for is the Mr.  He has been a constant in my life for 13 years in December of this year.  We’ve grown up together and learned so much about life from each other and together from our shared experiences.  We have been through high school years, college good and bad times, young working adulthood, marriage highs and lows, and now a parenting duo.  He is my true partner in every aspect of my life, and I am his.  

He is so much more than all the titles…friend, boyfriend, husband, father, and partner.  He is my one of my greatest blessings.  I am so thankful that I decided to talk to that guy in Trigonometry on the phone back in Fall 2000.  I definitely think that there is a bigger plan working in our relationship, our marriage.  It was a very good reason that all circumstances aligned, and we met, stayed together through growing pains, and united in marriage some ten years after we decided to do the 90’s thing and “go out” (but it should be known the Mr. wasn’t going out many places when we were dating due to a lack of a driver’s license!).  Here are some pictures from our Labor Day weekend…  These are the moments that I try to tuck away for those rainy days in the future.  The moments that are so good you have to pinch yourself!




Happiness is marrying your best friend.  


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