5 for Friday

Welcome back, Friday evening!  Wow!  What a crazy back-to-school week!  I’m so glad that is behind me.  I think the first week of school is definitely exciting but also the most stressful week of the year.  We’ll see if I still agree when SOL prep/testing gets here in May (SOLs are our Standards of Learning in Virginia for those of you who may not know – Students take the SOL tests in 3rd grade for the first time.  Yikes!).  Here are the 5 things on my mind this Friday…


I’m so looking forward to the Holy Smokin’ BBQ at church tomorrow night.  Why you may ask?  Number 1 reason is I think it will be a lot of fun for the Mr., H,  and I.  Number 2 reason is I will not have to cook or clean-up a whole dinner at the house.  Maybe I reversed those numbers… 🙂  We are taking a side dish salad.  I’m trying to decide which one, but I’m thinking this one looks pretty tasty.  


I’m reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  I have tried to read this before, but I think it just wasn’t the right timing.  I’m much more interested and invested in it this time.  One particular day’s focus was looking at what really drives me.  Unfortunately, I found that I’m very motivated by guilt and fear.  Yuck!  Mr. Warren goes on to explore other issues, and I’m really interested in growing in my understanding of what God wants from me while I’m walking around this place called Earth.  



Fitting in work-outs has been a challenging task this school year.  I’m hoping that it will be a little easier when the school year gets underway more.  It seems with setting up classrooms, schedules, fixing dinner, getting H picked up ASAP from daycare, walking the dog (BONUS!  It can count as an easy work-out if you really pump it!), I have been doing mini work-outs when I can.  Today was the first day I got in about 50 straight minutes at the gym.   I’ve toyed around with the idea of splitting my work-outs by doing either cardio or strength in the morning and then finishing up in the afternoon.  My entirely poor sleeping habits this first week has definitely not made that a possibility.  I am committed to fitting it in some way.  I even resorted to the dreaded free weights routine WITH Roscoe the dog and Holden climbing on me.  Always a head butting incident involved with someone!  Here’s a link to some simple ways to fit it in.  Something is always better than nothing until you can get a full work-out in!  I especially like the dance party and tag games!  🙂  This is who I enjoyed running around with in the backyard today…



The fall decor is coming down this weekend!  I don’t know if I can set it up if the temps are over 80 degrees, but I’m at least getting it down from the attic.  I love decorating even if just a little bit for the season.  Last year’s decorations may have to be modified by this year’s on-the-move dude.



Being a teacher is the easiest job in the world in about mid-July.  By mid-September, it has changed drastically.  It challenges me everyday in some different way.


Courtesy of http://www.smileyme.com/

Happy Friday!  Happy Weekend!





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