Those who fail to plan plan to fail…

I know that I tend to go overboard on the planning bit.  I admit that I get a thrill from it, but I do believe that time is so precious.  I hate to waste it.  There are 936 weekends between the time my child is born until he turns 18.  Although that may seem like a lot, let me put it into perspective.  He’s 1.5 years old (officially as of Saturday), so we’ve already had 78 of those.  Time just flies! Since squandering time really gets me down, I like to do the seasonal to-do fun lists.  It makes me excited about the change of season and also makes me smile when I might be going through a hard work week.  Here’s our current fall to do fun list…

  • Make a scarecrow yard decoration and also support a good cause  letsmakeascarecrow-benefit-chkd-03
  • Lots of leaf raking
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte Drinking – Here’s a recipe to try at home from
  • Make homemade apple cider – Here’s a semi-homemade one
  • Carving jack-o’-lanterns – After an argument last year, Jake and I will not be sharing this year.  Each of us will have our own.  🙂


  • Visiting Hunt Club Farm again to see all the animals and partake in a little hayride this time


  • H’s first Halloween trick-or-treatin’
  • a Chili Cook-Off for a my sister’s birthday celebration…I’m thinking chicken corn chili…This one by The Apron Gal looks delish!  By the way, she has a s’more pudding that looks like perfection!
  • Some walks at our fave park, First Landing
  • Family time including a family photography session with my favorite people in the whole world ❤
  • a trip up to Maryland to visit H’s god-mommy


Whew!  We are going to busy having all this fun!  As a reminder not to forget what is truly important, click here to determine if you’re just too busy!  Thank you Rachel for this reminder!

Even though the official first day of fall is exactly 2 weeks from today, I’m already excited!

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” William Cullen Bryant


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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