Ode to Saturdays

Hello Survivors of a Monday!

Wow, what an awesome weekend!  This was especially true weather-wise.  I definitely had a tricky week last week, so a fabulous weekend was desperately needed.  We packed up our family and all the assorted accessories and headed over to the Eastern Shore for the weekend.  I had a so-so pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.  I think I’ve grown to love my own coffee creations at home more using just regular coffee-whole milk-sugar combo plus a sprinkle or two of pumpkin pie spice.  I like the bitter factor more than the sweetness of the PSL.  Anywho, breakfast was eaten on the road with my favorite peeps.


Once we arrived at our location, we had some fun plans ahead of us which included lots of outside play at Grandma’s house, a farmers’ market visit, gazebo climbing, and bookstore play.







The Mr. and I finished out our Saturday with his high school reunion.  It was so nicely planned, and the venue was decorated with all the required maroon and gray.  It’s so crazy to think about how quickly ten years go by.  It’s equally as crazy to see that in many ways things don’t change.  Sunday was a busy day filled with quick family visits before we made the trek back home.  As hard as I try, Sundays are always a little too busy.  The important thing is we made it back safe and sound and had a nice, full fridge with lots of healthy eats for the work week ahead.  Sundays are good, but Saturdays are awesomely magnificent.  We love you, Saturday!


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