5 for Friday


The Mr. got some exciting work news!  He is hereby appointed to the position of Project Manager at the construction company he works for.  I am so proud of him.  He always gives 110% when he is at work and at home.  We had a little celebration for him the other night that included card making, champagne, balloons, and some sort-of less than stellar chocolate chip cookies (I was completely livid since I followed the recipe on the bag with full flavor ingredients such as butter and sugar to the max!).






Roasted Broccoli!  Oh how much I love you, but it does hurt my stomach if I don’t sit down after eating to let it digest.  We’ve had it twice this week.  So yummy!  I like to put extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, salt, and thyme leaves (just shake what feels right) in a bag and shake it up to coat.  I spread it out on the cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees until just a bit of crisps forms on the slightly chopped florets.  H loves it this way.  Roasting veggies in the oven is the perfect way to get the picky eater to eat up.



I’ve had the worst cold this week.  I usually do take a slightly over-the-top amount of pride in my ability to be immune to illness.  The fact that I work with sickly carrier monkeys students each day fuels my fire with this.  However, I have had the ickest cold this week.  I resorted to Nyquil two nights which left me feeling like I had partied like a college girl the night before.  Here is one of my home remedies…

Cold Remedy-

boil water

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp lemon juice

Drink up!  I also like Tosca Reno’s Oat Tea recipe for fighting colds/sickness.  See that recipe here.



I had an epic fail when it comes to yoga time this week.  Come to think of it…I’ve had a bit of an epic fail with remaining calm and taking care of myself.  I’ve been hyper, negative, easy to anger, and more manic than I care to admit.  I know it would definitely help me, but I fail to do it.  Definition of stupidity!  I’m renewing my commitment to it.  It is kind of ridiculous since my goal was actually only a 15 minute session.  Here is an article about why do yoga from the truly reputable Mayo Clinic.  🙂


Shoes!  I was so thankful that my mother in law decided to share a little gift certificate that she got to the lovely Aerosoles website.  I picked out two pairs, and the beauties below are already here and sitting in my closet.  They.are.so.comfortable!  WOW!


Well, that’s it for my 5 for Friday!  Have a happy weekend!








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