Things are getting really fun around here!

The Mr., H, and I had another great weekend.  The weekends are in sharp contrast to our busy, work-filled weeks.  We headed over to the Children’s Museum in Portsmouth on Saturday morning with all of us folks including H’s C-PA and Meme.  The trip was almost made impossible by one closed downtown tunnel and a rather large high school homecoming parade, but we finally made it.  H was quite a trooper in the truck.


Cute heads in this pic, huh?!?!?

Once we finally made it, the museum really showed us a good time.  I have to say my favorite part was the bubble room.  How amazing to be inside a bubble!  H love the little “tot lot” area with the bird’s nest.  I think his favorite might have been the life-size bus that was closely followed by the fire truck and the appropriately miniature grocery store.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day…









We finished out the day with lunch at Eurasia.  H had super excellent behavior!  This is totally dependent on the day, so we were super thankful for that!  H is such a fun age right now.  I wish I could pause time in one way, but I’m so excited to see what more he has to say and do.  Precious boy.

Here’s hoping for a magnificent Monday!


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