Where I am right now –

One of my very first blogs that I committed to reading every post was The Daybook.  Sydney has phenomenal style in both clothing and her home’s interior.  Her photos are simple and moving.  She is a fellow momma to a sweet little boy.  What’s not to love???!?!?!  When I saw her sweet post about taking stock, I knew I wanted to copycat it!  Then, I followed her link to another wonderful blog, Meet Me At Mikes.  Such a fun one too!  I’m putting it on my “to read” blog list.  Here is my version of “taking stock…”

Making :  Food!  Always chopping, cooking, baking, browning
Cooking :  Pork Chops with Cranberry Chutney and Barley with Peas  ~ See recipe here.
Drinking :  Sleepytime tea
Reading:  The Purpose-Driven Life
Wanting:  More hours in the day and a good neck massage
Looking:  at my fall-colored painted nails and really digging them
Playing:  with my 18 month old growing boy
Wasting:  lovely pears that all got ripe (and overripe) at the same time 😦
Sewing:  nothing!  No way!
Wishing:  a new travel mug and planner  I’m liking this and this.  
Enjoying:  each and every afternoon when I get to walk out of daycare with H
Waiting:  the holiday deluge of Halloween into Thanksgiving into Christmas.  Love that busy, fun feeling!
Liking:  Cheerios, banana, and almond milk.  Every.single.day.
Wondering:  about life with two babes
Loving:  my husband, always.
Hoping:  for clarity in decision-making
Marvelling:  at how good sun can feel on a brisk-ish fall day
Needing:  not a thing but maybe just a 3 day weekend
Smelling:  what remains of my summer scented candles (burning them up to make room for fall)
Wearing:  yoga pants and a peace sign hoodie, namaste!

Following:  the news as best I can
Noticing:  H is stringing together two words to tell me things
Knowing:  that each day will get easier at work
Thinking:  about the future, family and career
Feeling:  strong
Bookmarking:  mom blogs ~ encouragement, tips/tricks, and just plain-old understanding is so nice to see/hear from others
Opening:  not opening exactly, but sorting tons of hunting mail for the Mr.  Some comes every day!
Giggling:  about a kid helping me figure out the computer system this morning and telling me “See, easy!”
Feeling:  tired, hopeful, overwhelmed, content all at once


Happy Monday, Friends!



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