Pinterest DIY Update and Small Commentary on the Institution

Thank goodness it’s Friday eve!  I’m excited to be able to say that as it has been a busy week (again!) for me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t hold up to my promise to myself to do my yoga DVD on Wednesday morning that I previously posted about.  I AM going to do it tomorrow (Friday) morning – 30 minutes of it!  I’ve been having off and on pain in my right hip and the left side of my neck, and I know yoga would help both.  I did some gentle stretching at the gym today, and I could tell my flexibility isn’t what it was this summer (when I was more regular in yoga time).  Anywho…

Here is the finished product that I blogged about here.  


I made six of these bags to give out to people I see as I’m driving around who are homeless.  Inside I have placed a water bottle, granola bar, peanuts, toothbrush, toothpaste, and tissues.  I would like to place even more items like the recommended socks and ibuprofen, but I was sort of in a rush to get them organized.  I saw two people I could have given them to on Monday.  I was bummed that I didn’t have them ready to go.  One woman was displaying a sign for help with groceries.  I gave 2 of my 6 bags to the Mr. and put 4 in my car right behind the driver’s seat ready to go!  This was one of my Pinterest DIYs.  To be honest, I found this on a blog and then “pinned” it to my board.  

This brings me to the part of my post today where I’d like to address the Pinterest – Bad Mom, Good Mom crisis.  I heard on the radio yesterday about how women are competing against each other through the ever present social media world to “one up” each other.  The battlegrounds are children’s parties, seasonal decor, repurposing of items, etc.  I, myself, debated about deactivating my pinterest account due to my own comparing stealing my joy!  After thinking it over, I decided no thing is evil or bad.  It is MY choice in how I use it.  Do I use social media including pinterest as a tool to help me or as weapon against myself and others?  Do I use it to bring me up such as following uplifting, authentic bloggers and instagram accounts?  Or do I spend hours staring a this delicious pumpkin bundt cake knowing that I would want to throw it at a wall in the middle of the baking process?  


If you really want to make this crazy cake, click here.  

We have to control ourselves and our moods as best we can.  We (including me!) can’t let negativity, comparison, and one bad day bring down all the good blessings we experience each and every day.  If I am having a hard time (i.e. several days where I’m down on myself or a situation), then I try to purge myself from lots of social media time.  This is when I notice myself starting to play the comparison game.  A quick fix is also to make a Thank You! list.  My thank you list looks like this for today…

  1. Coffee with sugar (first time this week and it was delish!)
  2. Sunrises that I get to see
  3. Smiles on children’s faces
  4. Text messages that make me smile
  5. An almost finished and successful 1st week of the reading program
  6. Painting time – see below 🙂
  7. Getting to watch H eat olives
  8. Healthy enough to work out
  9. The freedom to do it!
  10. Food in my belly
  11. Clean laundry all over the bedroom
  12. Pumpkin scented candles
  13. The Mr. at home each night
  14. A sleeping baby 
  15. Almond Butter, always almond butter
  16. Family Plans


Count your blessings, and I’m sure you’ll fine that they far outweigh the “yucks” of your day.  


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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