Rest & Relaxation are the Rx

Things have been a little wild and crazy around here, and I’m definitely feeling the stress and strain of a schedule that doesn’t allow me a lot of down time aka me time.  Since switching my weekday Tues./Thurs. gym work-outs to an early 5AM slot formerly known as the after school spot, I’ve been really missing that little bit of “me time” that made a nice buffer between work and home time.  To accommodate a busy after school hours schedule at work and to spend more time with H in the afternoon, I’m officially a crazy person at the gym by 5:01.  Seriously.  I’m afraid that everyone (including the Mr., dog child, and H) are feeling the effects of this including me.  I was proud of myself for getting my yoga time in on Friday morning, but (to be perfectly honest) my heart wasn’t in it.  I was connecting “my mind to my breathing” as they say.  It was more of a going through the motions time.  I know that I NEED to get a grip on my schedule and just life in general to create some more space between scheduled activities for the things that come up in life.  Not to mention I need to be sure to actually schedule some time to be just me that doesn’t include bathroom breaks and gym time.  I mean, let’s face it someone is usually coming in the bathroom when I’m at home and going to the gym at 5 really doesn’t count because I’m hardly conscious until it’s time to go home.  I’m pretty sure I’m working out while I’m there…

I used our ever faithful frenemy, Pinterest, to find some inspiration.



Nice little post with suggestions here.  



A cute wikihow article with funny pics here.



An interesting page on sleep and relaxation with guided meditation here.

Here are a few fun images for the working mom…




 Link to website here.  

Food for thought on this Saturday.  


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