Mapping out this Week

Monday is here yet again, and I have to say I avoided thinking about it all day yesterday.  That seems to have done the trick to help me with my sleeping issues.  What may or may not have also helped is beer before bed (just 1) and about an hour, yes 1 HOUR, of reading before bed.  I like to read, but I always seem to not have the time or feel guilty taking the time.  Last night, I pulled out a pumpkin porter beer that was decent from my Trader Joe’s mixed 6 pack (which by the way I had no idea was such a thing until yesterday when I was there with a little boy who was getting a lot of joy from throwing lovely TJ items out of the cart) and cozied up with the book below.  Link to Amazon here.


 I have seriously had this book for YEARS and never read it all the way through.  Several false starts but no follow through.  I really enjoyed the section on women in the colonies, and it did the trick to relax me and get me ready for bed.  Duh!  Why wasn’t I doing this already!??!

In other news, my mommy brought over a fun magazine to me this past weekend, Real Simple.  It is exactly what I needed ideas and info that are real simple!  I planned our meals for the week totally from this magazine.  See below for what we’ll be enjoying.

Sunday – Cheddar Tuna Melts (my own recipe) and Broccoli and Leek Soup (This was pretty good.  It felt very nourishing and hydrating.  However, the Mr. and I agreed that it was missing something.  Maybe garlic powder?  Maybe parmesan cheese melted in?  Not sure, but I was thrilled to get to see my immersion blender – which was a wedding gift – used for the first time.  It’s been over three years, lol!

Monday – BBQ chicken (my own recipe but inspiration from the magazine)

Tuesday – Chicken Spaghetti with Spaghetti Squash (again mine but magazine inspiriation)

Wednesday – H and I are left to our own simplistic devices since the Mr. has an after-work engagement.  Bummer for us, but cooking-wise I’ll make something super easy that’s sure to please my low-key H.

Thursday – Fried Egg with Canadian Bacon and Avocado with Butternut Squash (Sounds crazy I know!  I thought it would be an interesting meat-free night.)

Friday – Wedding Time!  The Mr. and I are off to a wedding in Richmond, and I’ll definitely be missed H.  On the bright side, I’ll be enjoying seeing the Mr.’s family and eating delicious food that was prepared FOR me instead of BY me.  Yay!  

Here is a little linky to the Real Simple Recipe Search website.  I’ve used their recipes before, and for the most part, they are very simple and delish.  

I’ll leave you with a few fun pics from September.  It’s hard to believe today is the last day already!


H’s shoes in his secret hiding place, under the dining room table.


H modeling his cute Stellybelly outfit that I actually won via Instagram. He says, “Duck!”

This is the link to Stellybelly’s facebook site.  Cute stuff.  


Smoothie made with left-over salad greens. Totally creeped out the Mr.


Love weekend breakfasts at home!


Favorite Toy = SHOES!

Have a happy Monday!


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