Top Ten Best Fitness Items

I am not one for spending a lot on workout gear.  Although I think all those wonderful brands like lululemon are great, it just isn’t where I’d put my extra coin.  Here are my top ten fitness need based on performance and price:


FOOD!  This goes without saying as my number one purchase.  I do tend to splurge in this area more than might be expected.  I like A LOT of produce in my fridge every week, and I especially like for it to be as much organic items as possible.  I *try* to always buy the dirty dozen food items organic.  Everything else is negotiable depending on what grocery store I’m near that has what organic items available.  This is the dirty dozen list…



Link to site here.  

I’ve seen some variety on the “cleanest” items, but the dirty dozen remains the same.  Google it and you’ll see tons more.  Here’s a yummy salad I had with organic greens and baby carrots, cheddar cheese, and 1/4 of an avocado dressed in olive oil and red wine vinegar with a hefty amount of pepper and salt.  Note:  The several handfuls of sea salt bagel chips I consumed are not pictured!  🙂



Good shoes!  I love my Brooks Ghost running shoes.  I’ve owned three different styles of the same shoe, and I’ve purchased as I’ve worn pairs out.  I do have to say that my recent half-marathon training really did a number on my toes.  I’m not sure if it’s me, the shoes, or just the mileage.  I’m thinking that I haven’t had my feet measured since having Holden, so that could mean mine have grown.  I noticed this with some of my heels.  What a weird phenomenon!  Have a baby, grow bigger feet!  




Comfy shorts!  I like simple running shorts for spring, summer, and fall.  I only wear yoga-style pants in the dead cold of winter.  I sweat buckets at the gym and when working out outside even in chilly temps.  I buy them as cheap as possible as long as they are in the “running style.”  Kohls sometimes runs sales, and I got these shorts for a deal.  I’ve also seen some good looking ones at Wal-Mart and Target.  I refuse to pay a ton for shorts.  However, the Mr. did buy me some nice Nike shorts in cobalt blue and orange which I’m totally fine with.  Gifts are fun like that.  🙂


I love dumbbells!  I so am eyeballing the adjustable weights pictured below, but they are REALLY expensive.  I do have a gym membership, so I can’t really validate spending this kind of money.  However, I think that one day I may be too busy to get into a gym (I’m seeing soccer or baseball or trumpet lessons in my future or maybe all 3!), and you can be I’ll be finding a way to get some of these for a home gym.  



A workout mat/Yoga mat  I use mine for yoga or floor exercises.  It saves me from getting lots of fuzzy carpet fibers all over me from my shedding rug in the living room.  This is the link to the Amazon items shown below.  What pretty colors!




Stability Ball – Lots of exercises incorporate this!  Abs, dumbbell exercises, plus it doubles an extra chair in our office/guest room.  Sweet!



Hanes Mens Shirts!  I love working out in tank tops, but I really prefer the mens’ style.  They come up much higher, and they’re lots cheaper.  I pick mine up from any cheapie store I’m at.  KMart has some pictured below.  I get the small.



CAMELBAK water bottle with sip straw – I love this thing!  It is really the only way I can get myself to sip water throughout the day.  I’m a notorious poor drinker.  It is a safe bet that I’m never hydrated enough.  This does help with that situation.  Here’s a link to lots of cool bottles by camelbak.  




Inspirational and educational magazines to help me grow as an athlete – This is a problem area for me right now.  I used to LOVE getting my new Oxygen magazine every month, but it has currently shut its doors.  I, like a total pack rat, saved all of my previous years’ issues (totally out of character – I loved it THAT much!).  Thank goodness!  I need to pull some out until I can find a new magazine to subscribe too.  Reading and keeping up with new info inspires me to work out in different ways and try new recipes.  Not to mention looking at all the fit, healthy folks in those publications can be the kick in the pants for times when I don’t feel like putting in the effort.


A spouse that supports you.  What a gift this is!  The Mr. understands that being fit and eating healthy foods makes me be a better person to all those I care about and perform better in all me roles.  He’s such a keeper.  Totally priceless!



It’s a bonus when we get to do all those fun fitness activities together.  The picture above is us as “girlfriend/boyfriend” on our West Virginia vacation which included hiking, mountain climbing, and white water rafting.  

Well, there they are!  My top ten fitness needs!



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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