5 for Friday

Happy Friday Eve!  I’m actually writing this on Thursday since Friday will be a busy travel day for us.  The Mr. and I are off for a wedding weekend, and I have to admit I’m really kind of excited about it.  I will definitely miss this sweet boy as he is heading over with sister dear to stay with his Mooch and Poppy.  


Here’s my 5 for Friday…


I’m excited about our picnic plans for tomorrow!  I dearly love eating outside, and the weather is supposed to be awesome.  One last hoorah for summer!  Here is the sandwich I’ll be serving up for the Mr. and I…


It’s a scrumptious-looking roast beef sandwich.  Recipe courtesy of Martha.  Seen here.


I had a very hard time not splurging on tea by Teavana.  I tried some delicious varieties at the local mall with my mommy this past weekend.  My favorites were the Youthberry & Wild Orange Blossom, Blueberry Bliss & Pineapple Kona Pop, and Dragonfruit Devotion.  The tea kettles were super fancy and unlike my more utilitarian KitchenAid tea kettle.  I’m so going to be putting a tea kettle and some fun teas on my Secret Santa wish list this year.  I love the whole idea of slowing down and going through the ritual of making tea.  I certainly need to slow down, that’s for sure!  Teavana’s website can be seen here.  The glass tea kettle pictured below is such a cutie.



Wedding dancing and treats!  I never understood why some people get so excited about a wedding!  Now, I totally do!  It is like a mandatory date night for us.  I can’t wait to spend it with the Mr.  I’m going to be wearing the dress that screams “I’m going to a wedding!”  I’ll be sure to post pics later on.  


This was super funny, and I know it has been over-shared but…I just had to add the link to Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s spoof on all us hashtaggers out there.  lol!  JT is one funny guy.  However, I could not imagine having a little one like him in my class trying to teach multiplication and the appropriate use of quotation marks.  Just saying.

Check it out here. 


As I’ve been saying, I’m so over my bland, same-old same-old breakfasts.  I had some overnight oats that came out so-so this morning, but I totally ignored Julie’s directions to add the nut butters the next morning.  She has so many great recipes!  Check out all of the breakfast ones here as well as others, like crockpot meals!  She has a great blog with some much great info.  Definitely worth checking out.  Plus, her dog sweetie is precious.  

Well, that’s the quick and dirty of 5 things on my mind this Friday eve!  Have a fabulous weekend.  🙂

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