Mother First, Teacher Second

Even though I didn’t babysit or obsess over having a little one immediately after college, I still always looked forward to the day I would be a mother.  I am a teacher from about 7:20 to 3:30ish (some days I’m out of there earlier, like Fridays!  TGIF!) Monday through Friday, but the job that takes precedence over my 9 to 5 (besides being a wife which is sometimes a walk in the park compared to this next job!) is being a mother.  I figure that my little one is without me about 45 hours in a week.  This means 123 hours are mine.  Then, you have to take away the roughly 11 hours he sleeps at night and the 2 hours naps daily when I’m home with him.  My total amount of time weekly that I spend with an awake H is 32 hours.  Bummer.  I don’t want to dwell on or lament over the trials and tribulations of being a working mom.  There is no need.  It’s just our reality.  However, I also don’t want to squander the time I do have with him.  I want to make the most of each minute.  This might be as simple as not talking on the phone except for quick conversations when he’s up and about, or it might mean turning the TV off (or simply never turning it on) to make time to read or build a block tower.  We have our basic repertoire of afternoon and weekend activities like going to the library, taking walks, playing with blocks, reading books, helping Mommy with errands, grocery store visiting, park visits and occasional painting experiences with some bubbles and sidewalk chalk thrown in for good measure.  


H has been talking up a storm recently!  I love seeing how his mind is growing, and he is taking in all the new things and old things that he can now put meaning to.  I was inspired to look up some new ideas of learning experiences/FUN for him this evening, and, of course, I pinned quite a few.  Gotta love that Pinterest!  Here’s what I found…




This is a bean ramp for little fingers to explore the nature of gravity!  I also saw other versions with puffy balls taped to cabinets.  See website here.  


This is a wonderful resource!  What a great blog, Click.Pray.Love!  See directions here for this muffin tin surprise activity.  The author focuses on “finding the divine among the daily.”  What a powerful message and a way to transform your everyday.



Another wonderful resource from Click.Pray.Love!  I will be putting these tips to good use in just a few weeks as we carve up our two pumpkins currently take up space fully intact on the front stoop.  Here’s a direct link to these tips as well as example pictures from the original author.  

Other noteworthy ideas were putting up painter’s tape and letting your child stick things to it.  Jars to screw and unscrew were very popular as far as activities go.  Truthfully, I do not have any baby food jars to use, and I think they would be the perfect size for little hands.  My grocery list will include a few jars just to use for fun times.  

I’m so looking forward to taking on some simple yet fun projects with my little man.  Besides, man cannot live on blocks alone.  🙂



This is a picture from the huge block we were playing with last October.  My, how times have changed!



I’ve decided to do the muffin tin surprise one this week.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  With H, it is usually about 30 minutes of play or 30 seconds of a glance.  Nothing in between.  Ha!


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