Best Laid Plans Sometimes Fall Through…Including Meal Plans!

Good Wednesday to you!  My day started off great since I was outfitted in jeans and a pink tee for Pink Out Breast Cancer! fundraiser at school and a smooth drive in with absolutely no delays despite the deluge of rain!  To top it off, there was free Starbucks coffee and fun creamers by the front door from our Boosterthon team who is heading up the school fundraising event this year.  Score!  I was having a nice, productive day for the most part when I got a call around 9:30 from my daycare provider that little H was running a fever of 102 degrees.  Yikes!  After a quick pack up, I headed to pick him up.  Little man had some lunch with a side of Tylenol after about an hour or so of snuggles alternating with “Oh no, I don’t want to sit THAT still in your lap!”  Once H was sleeping soundly, who shows up on our doorstep?  The UPS man…and he rings the doorbell…and Roscoe the ever-ready guard dog barks…and we start naptime all over again.  Some days things just don’t go as planned.  I was planning to do a little “What I Ate Wednesday” post today, and I do have the first meal.  However, things kind of went to heck in a handbasket as the expression goes.  There was a lot of sadness when I also realized in my haste to pack up and leave school, I turned over my not-too-securely-packaged leftovers upside down spilling the contents of a burger, ketchup, and roasted zucchini in my lunch bag.  Yuck.  Check out the pics I do have!  I’m off the use my unplanned time off wisely.  


These are my leftover egg-less pancakes with a syrup made from agave nectar and prunes.  Don’t judge it until you’ve tried it!  🙂  Recipe here. 


Yummy coffee with French Vanilla fun creamer!  A nice treat since I never buy it.  What a great view  I have at work, huh!?!?!


My fun lunch which also included another handful of high fiber cereal, a rice cake, and a couple tortilla chips.  Totally unsatisfying as a meal, but I think this would have been great as a snack!  Includes:  1 Golden Delicious Apple with TJ’s peanut butter drizzled on it, 1/2 of an apricot Greek yogurt with a few “fiber twigs” on top.  


Here’s my little dude at the doctor’s office last week when we got a clean bill of health.  I’ve been to that place 3 times in the last month.  Here’s hoping this is just a virus that leaves us quickly!  He’s quite handsome, but I’d so much rather hang out with him somewhere besides the pediatrician’s office.  Thank goodness for Tylenol!


Have a great hump day!  Here’s a link to Geico’s funny camel commercial celebrating the day second only to Friday!

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