Thankful Thursday

Home again, home again jiggity jig!  H is home again today with me until 11 or so.  Then, the Mr. comes in to take over the 2nd shift, so I can head into work for a meeting and lots of to-do’s.  Sometimes, I have a hard time not demanding a lot of myself every. single. minute.  My high expectations are mostly for myself, not others.  Although, I’m sure the Mr. would argue that I have a few high ones for him too.  🙂  Life gets messy, and I’m not a machine.  Just a person who gets tired and overwhelmed.  A person who also can get energized and proactive with a list or two.  Yesterday was a resting day for me.  I know I needed it.  I started to feel kind of ick after I got home with sicky H.  Of course, I didn’t listen to myself until after about 2 hours of trying to get things done like scrubbin’ up the kitchen and baking cookies which I burned mostly and threw away all in disgust.  Finally, I listened to myself and what I needed to do.  I curled up with furry child R and dozed.  I don’t think I ever fell asleep, but it was exactly what I needed.  I like to think of myself as improving in this area.  I’m certainly no genius, and it has taken be a long while to get the hang of this “listen to your body and then do what it needs” thing.  Maybe I’m improving???  I like to think so.  Sure enough, I woke up this morning feeling rested and revived.  Bluey, tired days don’t last.  The choices you (or I) make when you’re having one of those days can certainly make you feel a little better or worse.  I headed off to the gym and got an awesome work-out in at 5 o’clock this fine day.  


Love this machine!  I feel like a true weights pro using it.  


R and I lounging yesterday while the rain came down.  Sicky H was in his crib, snoozing.  


All my dudes having a relaxed day this past Sunday.  


I’m not sure how relaxed R is!  

I’m ever so thankful this Thursday that I “seem” to be growing up a smidge and listening to myself more.  I only argued with myself for a few hours, and I think that’s an improvement.  🙂  Have a great Thursday aka Friday eve.  Here’s hoping a little boy wakes up fever free this morning.  



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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