Meal Plans for the Week and a Whirlwind Family Visit

How is it Sunday already?  I feel like it was just Friday when I was rushing around trying to get everything ready for our quick weekend trip to visit family on the Shore.  The week ended on a bit of a sour note since I wasn’t able to wrap up things at work quick enough to be able to do the driving on Friday afternoon versus Saturday morning.  Alas, we did make it and enjoyed our time, even though it was short, to see family.  A little time is better than none at all, right?!  I enjoyed conversation and lots of JIF’s version of Nutella and the Mr. and the rest of the fam enjoyed roasted oysters and clams.  I’m not a seafood person in the least, but I can certainly make do with chocolatey goodness plus some other treats like veggies and excellent flax seed tortilla chips.  Here are some pics from our trip…


Pretty fall landscaping done by my dad aka the guy version of Martha Stewart these days (meant in the most manly way possible!)


Aren’t mums just the prettiest this time of year!


Roscoe, the late night party animal, was feeling pretty tired at this point in the evening!


Gossiping Catching up with each other 😉


My cutie sis-in-law with Karen the sassy scarecrow!  

I do have to admit that I’m a little bummed our trip was quick, and I am more than slightly jealous of those folks who have off for Chris Columbus Day tomorrow!  All this fall decor and rainy weather has me longing for the holidays and longer breaks from work to really relax and spend time with our families.  As usual, I’m working on my plan for the week and thinking of ways to *try* and incorporate some fun into the weekdays.  The key will be if the little man can stay well for more than a couple days!  It’s certainly hard to have much fun when you’re feeling under the weather.  This is my meal/workout plan for the week as well as a few things I’m excited about!


Baked Sweet Potato with Almond and Honey Butter Topping & Sweet Lima Bean with Edamame 


Black Bean Burrito (lettuce, green onion, shredded mexican cheese, avocado, black beans)

          ->H will be eating his quesadilla-style with steamed carrots


Tropical Flank Steak Salad with Baguette

          ->H will be having the steak and pineapple.  He will be having zucchini too!


Chicken Brocoli Alfredo (I’m totally following the Campbell Soup recipe here minus the linguini noodles.  I’ll be using rotini instead to make it easier for H to eat.  Can’t wait to see how it is.  See the recipe here.)



Grilled Turkey and Cheese with Tomato Soup 

          ->H isn’t a fan of deli meat, so I’ll probably make him just cheese toast and roast some butternut squash that I 

            buy prechopped at Wal-Mart.


Oven Baked (& Breaded) Flounder with Barley and Peas


Fitness Plan is…

Sunday – Gym (30 min of weights and cardio)  I’m going to focus on back and shoulders.

Monday – Walk R., 15 min yoga

Tuesday – Early AM gym session with a focus on arms and legs

Wednesday – Walk R

Thursday – Early AM gym session – leaving it wide open for what I feel like doing

Friday – Long Walk with R, 15 min. yoga

Saturday – Early 5 mile run


Well, there you have it!  Unless, of course, there is another illness headed our way with the little one.  It seems like we’ve had something come up in that department every week since I went back to work.  For such a hardy looking kid, he certainly seems to pick up whatever is floating around.  Take care and remember to eat the citrus!  Couldn’t hurt right????





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