A Meal, A Mommy, and a Mission

Hi there!  Another Monday punched in the face and down for the count!  Yay!  I have to confess that I’m super anxiously looking forward to the holidays and the time off from the fast pace that they bring!  I even went down the seasonal aisle (which is now onto Christmas by the way) today at Sams.  Those are some serious yard decorations including wreaths that the Mr. and I could fit inside of!  

After picking up some of our necessary bulk items at Sams (carrots, salad greens, Cupcake cab sauv :), and some ever delicious Viactiv calcium chews, we were off for a quick walk and some dinner prep.  Tonight’s menu was black bean wraps, but it was switched to turkey instead.  I mean, lima beans leftovers for lunch and then beans again for dinner!  Not smart!  The turkey was a yummy exchange.  H enjoyed leftover pasta with sweet potato and the favorite side of champions, applesauce.  Here’s a look at our wrap construction zone…


It included green onions, mexican cheeses, turkey, romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, and avocado.  All nicely packed in a flour burrito-sized tortilla.  I used dijon mustard for my sauce.  Yum!  I’m using the leftover cut up bits for my chopped salad for lunch.  I might literally knock people over after all that green onion.  Must. pack. gum.

In other news, I found myself thinking on how clearly things change (our views, positions, opinions if you will) after we have these little beings called children.  I know that I have certainly changed my views on how I see abortion and discipline.  Not to mention all the “letting go” and letting somethings be just “good enough.”  With that being said, I know as a teacher the expectations that I have for my students and how I think “good parents” should behave.  The fact of the matter is that I find myself being a more tolerant and slightly (I’m a work in progress after all, thank you very much!) more understanding of people’s situations.  I think this is so important, and I want to keep growing in this way.  It’s not my place to judge another.  As a teacher, I’m there to support the school-home connection, provide information to parent(s) about his/her child, and to love and teach that child for 6.5 to 7ish hours while he/she is with me.  Not to mention, I’m to think of and plan for them a little more even after the buses roll away.  I’m going to remember that parents are busy.  They love their children, just like I love H.  I’m not the perfect mom.  The Mr. is not the perfect father.  We try to do the best we can, as much as we can with what we have to work with.  Isn’t that what every parents is doing?  Some days are better.  Some days are the pits.  I remember a big motherhood fail for me was an attempt at an oil change/shopping outing when H was still pretty small.  Maybe 1 to 2 months old.  I really just wanted to get out of the house!  The oil change was successful, but the shopping trip was so not.  I had to breastfeed H in the car in the parking lot of a TJ Maxx.  In my so-called stylish outfit.  Which he proceeded to spit up all over.  Soaked.  Then, I did the the yucky, so not even a nice mom thing and fussed with, borderline yelled at a relative newly hatched little chick.  Like he did it on purpose.  I get all hot just thinking about it.  I was having a day that was just in the pits and definitely below the motherhood measuring stick.  Now, my patience has grown.  My expectations have changed.  Thing are different.  My hope is that the second child will give me a chance to show off all my new skills.  That’s the thing about parenting.  It’s trial and error mixed with a lot of failures.  Learning and growth can only come through these failures.  Thank goodness they’re relatively resilient little guys.  I hope that anyone reading this won’t judge me too harshly.  I hope you’ll be kind and know that I love my son more than he will know until he holds one of his own.  Kindness can go such a long way.  My mission as I continue to work and care for these sweet (and sometimes down-right insanity-inducing!) kids is to be kind and remember that everyone is on a journey.  Students, parents, and teachers.  Mommys and Daddys too!



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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