No Excuses???

I’ve been hearing about it on the radio and seeing the actual picture all over facebook today of Maria Kang.  She’s the lady pictured below who has created a media storm about women and their bodies.


You can view her facebook page here where I got the picture from.  Some people are supporting her image for being good motivation and an example of a fit mom, and others are deeply offended by the image.  They feel she is everything that is wrong with women and body image.  My take on all this mess is GIVE THE LADY A FREAKIN’ BREAK!  After viewing her website for longer than it takes just to see this picture (website here), it seems like she is really passionate about helping women achieve their own personal goals.  I think that it was meant in a “tough love” sort-of way.  I’m all one for tough love.  The bottom line is love.  Maria appears to want every women to be her healthiest, most fit self possible.  How can you argue with that?  Each person faces obstacles daily, even to the minute in this struggle.  We have to think about our food intakes as well as energy output in the form of exercise along with the permission slips, Bible studies, laundry, groceries, cleaning, bill paying, doctor’s appointments, cooking, and just plain old fun like reading a good book or for heaven’s sake a shower!  I’m not saying that there aren’t a million and one excuses to put our health on the back burner, and some days you (and I) will definitely have to.  Some days there just aren’t enough hours.  I have to choose making dinner over a yoga routine or perhaps an early morning work meeting over gym time.  The thing about it is that these excuses can’t. happen. every. single. day.  We have to commit to hopping right back on our healthy routine, working and weaving that into our daily lives.  For me, it requires meal planning and grocery shopping on the weekends and hauling my behind out of bed at 4:45 two work days a week to get gym time in.  No excuses.  I’m not complaining (well maybe a little that morning but no one is up to hear me!), because I’m choosing not to let myself get away with any excuses.  At least, not for more than a day or so.  If you’ve seen this picture and felt offended by it, I urge you to reflect why you feel that way.  Is it because it brings to light things you may not have been doing to take care of yourself and your health?  I would also urge you not to look at it in a “She’s hot.” light or as in “I’ll never be that skinny.” way.  Instead, I wouldn’t dwell too much on it at all.  I wouldn’t even tape it up for inspiration or thinspiration as some people are calling it these days.  I’d just move on.  Use that reflection time to formulate a plan for taking charge of your health and not making any excuses for why you can’t follow this plan or reach that goal.  Remember to be kind to you.  


2 thoughts on “No Excuses???

  1. Agree Natalie:) i think it’s great you get up so early to make it happen. I can’t and I’m not lol. Should I? Perhaps, but not happening. It’s all about doing what you can and juggling it all to the best of your abilities.

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