5 for Friday

Good Friday Morning!

This Friday I’m thinking about moods.  We’ve been talking about moods with the students at school through our personal writing and also through the book Judy Moody.  The book is about a third grade girl who is starting off the new school year worried about changes at home and at school.  Although she is cranky with most of the other kids and her teacher at school, she is certainly giving her mom the hardest time of all.  How true this is!  When I’m having a hard day, I’m on my worst behavior with my own family at home. I somehow make it through the day being mostly well-behaved and then just fall to pieces as far as nice behavior goes at home.  How frustrating!  These are the ones I love the most!  I hope they know that I do, but I certainly haven’t showed it.  As we all know, actions speak louder than words.  These thoughts inspired my 5 for Friday…


I’m excited about the church chili cook-off and costume parade on Sunday.  Looked up a crockpot recipe that I’m hoping will be a keeper!  If so, I’m going to make it again for the chili party/birthday party for my not-so-little-anymore sister who is turning 24!  Gosh, I had to count to be sure I had that correct!


Here’s the recipe for the Crockpot White Bean Chicken Chili that I’ll be making!


I know I need some time to myself to recharge for those at home.  I’m going to MAKE the time this weekend by bringing home ZIPPO school work to work on, and I’m planning to leave work when I’m actually able to leave work (as in, on time instead of an hour after the parking lot has cleared on a Friday afternoon!) and stop by Barnes & Noble, get a herbal tea, and chill out for just 20 minutes or so before I pick up little H.  Hopefully, this will help me feel a little more calm and help me wind down from the busiest day of the school week, test day!



I saw this on Pinterest.  Scary and true!  Yikes!  


Neat ideas to show the special person in your life that you do love him/her and you’re not just a mean, witch all the time!  


Here’s the link to the list of ideas!


I had a total baking disaster on Wednesday night that included an almond meal, coconut oil, chocolatey mess!  The worst part was the wasted Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate.  😦  I’m not going to be discouraged from my experimentation though.  I really want to come up with a yummy recipe that doesn’t include a lot of sugar or any butter.  I know this is not for everyone, but I like a challenge.  I also like a cookie that I can eat and feel decently good about having 2 or more.  H and I are off to Trader Joe’s this afternoon to get some baking supplies.  I’ve tried their brand of mini chocolate chip cookies, and they’re decent.  However, there not exactly great.  There’s just something about a fresh baked cookie that really satisfies my sweet tooth.  Off to try again this weekend!  Check out my “Tasty Stuff” pinterest board here for ideas!


Have a great Friday!  Remember to be nice to those you love today!  I’m certainly going to try to!



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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